Find Your Own Faith With God Tiny

Whether you worship an all-powerful deity or the tiny god of your own universe, you’re going to love God Tiny.

Though the NYC-based group isn’t religious, their tunes are definitely worthy of worship. Their music bursts with epic overlaying guitar riffs and airy vocals. Tunes like “Born To Die,” “Awaken” and “Death Have No Mercy” slowly build to animalistic frenzies that hit with the sudden force of a surprise kick to the face.

Guitarist and vocalist Jeremy Kolker says while people often mistake the band for a religious group, the band members are far from what you might consider as religious types. Kolker came up the name in high school and it only gained meaning much later.

“None of us are religious whatsoever … it’s just that band names are hard,” Kolker says over the phone. “In my mind it’s the greatest oxymoron that exists—I also like the idea that instead of one oppressive god that [instead] we all have our own tiny gods inside of us, we’re all the gods of our own universe.”

God Tiny, “Awaken”

Though varying forms of the band have been around since the early 2000s, the current lineup—Kolker (guitar/vocals), Pete Spengeman (guitar), Ben Lomei (guitar), Jordan Smith (bass) and Max Lubis (Drums)—got together in 2014. They released a record years ago, but it has since been “wiped off the face of the earth.” Last year, however, they released their now official debut album, entitled The Space Inside Your Head.

Kolker wrote most of the current album in his dorm room several years before its release. The album was mostly a result of the band reuniting in NYC after graduating or dropping out of college. “It was definitely us trying to figure out how to be in a band and how to record music while figuring out how to be adults and people who have to survive on their own and in the real world,” he says.

Guitarist Pete Spengeman says the production took longer than expected since they kept running out of money. “The process was good, but by the end of it I was ready to never look at one of the songs again, because I had heard them so many times,” he says. “Now that there’s been some time and space from it I do listen to it and I’m really happy with how it came out—we really poured our soul into it.”

Spengeman says the album name comes from a lyric from the album’s track “Wet Paint”—a metal-influenced song harkening back to bands like Black Sabbath or AC/DC.

“I thought it had a couple meanings,” he says about the album name. “Your brain is just a space inside your head, it’s just a place where things form, but also like in a more stoner-esque way, inside your head is unlimited possibilities, so in a way it’s like outer space—that was my English major take on it.”

Currently, the group is crafting new material and gearing up for more releases in the future. Catch them live when they play NYC this summer and hear the entire interview and debut album from God Tiny on this week’s The Music Meetup.