Ex Hex Stays True To Themselves & Spit Out New Tunes

Not to be confused with the similarly badass trio Hex Girls from Scooby Doo, Washington D.C.’s Ex Hex is a real-life whirlwind of rock ‘n’ Still, it’s impossible to deny the resemblance.

“They’re three and they look like us, which is just a total trip, but it’s a complete coincidence,” Ex Hex bassist Betsy Wright tells BTRtoday. Scooby and Shaggy weren’t on their minds when Ex Hex was named. In fact, the name was taken from the title of frontwoman Mary Timony’s 2005 solo album.

Hex Girls from ‘Scooby-Doo’

Ex Hex, “Don’t Wanna Lose” (2015)

The three members of Ex Hex were seasoned musicians long before Ex Hex formed and their high level of musical expertise bursts through all of their songs. Timony played in Helium, Autoclave and White Flag. Wright has played in Chain and the Gang and drummer Laura King has played in The Aquarium and Benjy Ferree.

Since forming Ex Hex in 2013, the trio has spit out tunes like crazy. This past March, they released their sophomore album It’s Real, which, Wright says, shows off how they’ve grown more “refined” and “expansive” with their songwriting. Packed with explosive guitar and catchy harmonies, it stays true to rock ‘n’ roll, adding dark undertones with slower underlying melodies and distorted vocals. You can hear the many musical influences this band has, but some of the most obvious ones are to ‘80s rockers like Guns N’ Roses and The Go-Go’s.

Ex Hex, “Rainbow Shiner”

“There’s a lot packed in there and it’s super fun to play,” Wright says. “I’m just hoping that people have fun [listening to Ex Hex] and that we’re giving them a break from their daily life.”

And with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle the three of them have lived for so long, you can see why they’d want to play music that’s an escape from the hectic life of being on the road.

While they remain badass rockers, their rock ‘n’ roll priorities have changed. “We were cruising on the adrenaline… we used to be a lot more party,” Wright says. “But we’ve really gotten more focused and we’re there to play the show.”

After their tours, they go home to their pets that Wright says they’re all obsessed with. Timony with her cat, King with her bird and Wright with her dog (who is not named Scooby-Doo, surprisingly).

The trio heads out for a European tour on May 23, but in the meantime listen to the entire interview with Ex Hex’s Betsy Wright and listen to their new album It’s Real in this week’s The Music Meetup.


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