Everything About This Is Dumb

You can call them dumb, but you can’t call them squares.

Dumb are the badass Canadians taking over the punk scene. After signing to Mint Records this year, the art school grads released their debut album, Seeing Green, a collection of over-distorted, fuzzed-out guitars thrashing along to punk rock melodies.

Dumb went with the name Seeing Green for the album not only because it’s their first record on Mint, but also because many of the songs are about envy, financial issues and growth—all represented by the color green. “It’s also almost like a rebirth of sorts … like a new first album,” guitarist and vocalist Franco Rossino tells BTRtoday.

Dumb had several EPs out previous to their debut album. They’re no longer online and Rossino says that’s for good reason. “If you listen to our first two EPs Friendship and Tulips, they’re very bad,” Rossino says over the phone with the band agreeing with him in the background. “You’ll be able to hear that it’s [their music] much better now overall.”

When BTRtoday chatted with Dumb last month they were cramped in their tour van on their way to North Carolina. Touring and a debuting an album on a label aren’t the only tasks they can check off their to-do list this year—Dumb released a music video in July for their song “Party Whip,” a lo-fi visual document of the band playing cards and riding horses in a bizarre alternate reality.

Dumb, “Party Whip”

Their origins are a jumble of art school, nude beaches and confusion. “[We] were like ‘hey, you’re looking good, wanna be in a band?’” Drummer Felipé Morelli says about meeting Dumb guitarist Nick Short on a nude beach. “[Then] we were just jamming and playing music together for way too long, I don’t even know why it took so long to start a band.”

Dumb are now back in Vancouver, BC, playing local shows and working on new music. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with Dumb and Seeing Green in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.