Erin Anne Found Herself Through Tough Love

When Erin Anne first released music, she was afraid to do it under her own name. She recorded it in her bedroom, posted it online under the name Reggie Rocket and left the rest up to the internet.

“I didn’t want anybody to know who I was [so] I just put it on the internet and just, you know, let it go,” she says. “Just releasing the music into the world, it’s sort of out of your hands.”

Anne was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle the inevitable criticism artists face. She knew she shouldn’t care, but it still scared her to hear that people didn’t like her music. “Rationally, I don’t give a shit, but also I do,” she says. “It’s really personal to me and I personally think it’s good, otherwise, I wouldn’t release it.”

But after meeting musical partner Alex Rogers, her creative insecurities started to fade. After Rogers re-worked the Reggie Rocket album, Erin Anne’s debut LP Tough Love was born.

The album, released in October, is a collection of tracks pulling listeners in every direction. Songs like “Life Soup” and the title track “Tough Love” lean towards pop-punk sound, creating an in-your-face uplifting vibe. While other tracks like “Sleep for Dinner,” “Wrong Stuff” and “Gaslighter” feel like Anne revealing her open emotional wounds to the world.

“I was hoping to evoke a really distinct dramatic arc there and sort of mirror my own process,” Anne says.

Erin Anne, “Tough Love”

Anne was going through a personal evolution while writing Tough Love. Many of the songs, including the title track, are feminist-fueled, addressing times she felt belittled or bullied by men. That evolution coincided with a significant break-up and the tumultuous mix of emotions prompted her to reevaluate herself. “I also went through a really personal process of interrogating what my own relationship to myself was, whether or not I, in fact, loved myself,” she says.

Rogers, who co-produced and mixed the album, joined Anne, Lindsey Schiffman (bass) and Mark Edwards (drums) in the band as a keyboardist. For Anne, the band feels like a little family. “We’re all very close friends and we vibe really well together,” she says.

Listen to the entire interview with Erin Anne and Tough Love on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup and catch her live in L.A. on Jan. 14.