End of Summer Indie Music Playlist

Summer went by in a hot flash this year.

With warm nights and summer loves you’d think it would’ve been stress-free and relaxing these past few months. But with things like ICE pulling families apart, men in power taking advantage of women and global warming melting the ice caps, we’re all feeling a little fucked this time around.

So take that much-needed vacation, plan those last outdoor shenanigans and give your summer fling a big ‘ole kiss to this playlist of indie rockers. They gave us the kind of fire we needed this season.

Listen below. (Plus, listen to the entire playlist on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup, interviews with each artists here and follow the playlist on Spotify here.)


Royal Trux “Purple Audacity #1” White Stuff

These pioneers of experimental indie rock released with a new album this year and its dark and dancey vibes are perfect for these last nights of summer.


The Exbats “Hercules” E Is For Exbats

If you’re a teen getting ready to go back to the hell hole of high school, this father-daughter punk duo can get you ready.


Sabrina Is Not In This Chat “Relief” Not Recommended for Sensitive Skin

Stressed about summer ending? Listen to this badass punk trio to get relief.


Cherry Glazerr “Stupid Fish” Stuffed & Ready

Let this dark indie thrasher help you find the words to tell your summer romance it’s over.


Deep State “Son” The Path to Fast Oblivion

A pop punk track to think back on the best and worst of times this summer.


Native Sun “11th Street” Always Different, Always The Same

A catchy garage punk song that’ll get you fired up and ready for anything.


Bambara “Backyard” Shadow On Everything

This eerie song is a reminder that Halloween’s coming in the fall.


Lenny Bull “Don’t Talk About It” Sharp Teeth EP

A blues rock song about stopping the gossip—but is that even possible for those going back to school?


Empath “Rodeo Fever” Active Listening: Night on Earth

It’s hard to sort out emotions when seasons are changing, which is why this song about mixed feelings is perfect for late August and early September.


Ex Hex “Another Dimension” It’s Real

Don’t let the summer end without falling in love at least once or blasting this romance thrasher.


Skating Polly “Play House” single

I was a problem child in high school so believe me when I say this song is perfect for planning your school skip days to.


Stonefield “Sleep” Bent

Take advantage of these last few days you get to sleep in this summer with this fuzzed-out psych tune.


Leggy “Eden” Let Me Know Your Moon

This edgy garage rock track is perfect for people torn between giving their summer fling the boot or making it work.


The Beaches “Snake Tongue” The Professional EP

One good thing about winter is less creeps catcalling about your shorts or mini skirt. The Beaches sing about just this.


Miss June “Best Girl” Best Girl/Twitch 7”

And this gritty, yet melodic thrasher is perfect if you were the one who got the boot from your summer love.

Listen to the entire playlist on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup