Dim Wit Fights Insecurity with Music & Costumes

Growing up riddled with insecurities, Jeff Tuyay didn’t imagine he’d ever share his music with anybody.

Living in Portland, Tuyay had friends in bands but his shyness compelled him to keep his passion for making music a secret. Then, one fateful day, Tuyay’s roommate heard the killer melodies he was playing coming from his room. After the roommate encouraged Tuyay to start a band, Tuyay slowly started to conquer his self-doubt. And with the help of a few things he found around the house, like clown make-up, a wig and a doctor’s coat, he was ready for the stage.

“I was really hesitant to [share my music], but with practice, I slowly gained confidence,” Tuyay says. “Then we just threw on whatever was around so I would feel more comfortable performing in front of people.”

Thus, the pop-punk performing doctor clown, Dim Wit, was born.

Now, he’s fresh off a small Pacific Northwest tour and recently released his sophomore album Dim Sh!t. His ambitions are growing too, and he dreams of someday doing a full U.S. tour.

Dim Wit, “Wee Thee People”

Though Tuyay’s self-confidence has come a long way, you won’t see him on stage without a red nose and white coat anytime soon.

“I just can’t do it without the costume,” he says. “Once I take it off it feels like, ‘oh yeah. I’m a different person, I’m back to myself again’—it just works.”

The new album Dim Sh!t, however, doesn’t betray a hint of insecurity. Tuyay’s mix of raw punk and melodic pop beats is bold and in-your-face. With guttural vocals, passionately screaming about changing modes, Tuyay shares random life stories, personal and fictional. Anyone can relate to the crowd-pleasing track “Puppy Wuv” about a sweet and innocent love while the fast-paced, yet melodic bounce of the songs give off more of a 1970-Iggy Pop jumping into the crowd covered in peanut butter kind of vibe—making the music feel fearless and uninhibited.

Tuyay hasn’t set a release date for his third album, but if the past teaches us anything, he’s probably secretly cooking up songs in his room right now. In the meantime, listen to Dim Sh!t and the entire interview with Dim Wit on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.