Diane and The Gentle Men Talk New Album & the Future Of Live Music

Music is constantly evolving, so it only makes sense that the musicians and scenes that thrive in it change too.

Diane Gentile, frontwoman of Diane and The Gentle Men, has blossomed as an artist in the NYC music scene and has been in the thick of all its ups and downs. “I have evolved like the ever-changing woman,” she tells BTRtoday. She has been a working musician for most of her life and was the booker/general manager at pioneering NYC venue Bowery Electric for a decade. Though she’s cautious about the industry’s future, she’s also hopeful for its revival post-coronavirus.

Diane and The Gentle Men – “Little Things”

“The idea that maybe [live shows] would never happen again is frightening,” she says. “The initial fright is there, but then you have to get over that and go, ‘OK, well, then what do we do next?’ and then you come up with whatever the brilliant idea of what’s going to come.”

Diane and The Gentle Men released their newest album, The White Sea, this spring. The ten tracks of true-blue rock ‘n’ roll express a variety of themes, from societal injustice and romantic woe to badassery and personal triumphs. Tracks like “Perfect People” and “Wicked Hours” use vintage blues melodies to express just how complicated humanity is, while other tracks like “Motorcycle” and “Boyfriend” keep things upbeat and rockin’ while they explain how love is boundless.

Diane and The Gentle Men – “Perfect People”

Diane and The Gentle Men – “Motorcycle”

Still living and working in New York, Gentile says she plans on writing more music and arranging live virtual shows from her home. In the meantime, listen to the entire interview with Gentile as well as The White Sea by Diane and The Gentle Men in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.