Despite Their Name, Destroy Boys Wants Equality

With a name like Destroy Boys, this West Coast group gets bunched in with the likes of Bikini Kill or Pussy Riot. Though they’re big fans of Riot Grrrl bands, that’s not who they are.

“I always feel like when people say we sound like Bikini Kill, it’s like, have you even listened to Bikini Kill?” Destroy Boys frontwoman Alexia Roditis tells BTRtoday. “I don’t wanna just be complimented for being like them just because we’re both women, that doesn’t really make sense.”

Guitarist Vi Mayugba agreed that it’s a compliment to be compared to Riot Grrrl bands but stressed that Destroy Boys’ sound is a far cry from that movement. “It’s hard to escape that movement, but also honor them,” she says. “We love Riot Grrrl, but that really doesn’t reflect our music, we aren’t a Riot Grrrl band.”

Roditis and Vi Mayugba started Destroy Boys when they were 16 years old. The band’s gone through many phases since then. They started on acoustics and moved towards electronica, then hardcore punk and eventually turning into the gritty rock ‘n’ roll you hear today.

Their most recent album Make Room is aggressive rock that throws punches to the face with distortion, chaotic guitar riffs and guttural vocals. While Chris Malaspina bangs away on the drums, Roditis sings about relationship drama, misogyny and making room for Destroy Boys.

“People being shitty, that’s a big inspiration for us,” Roditis says. “Also, it’s not obvious, our music doesn’t call out anything in particular, but I care about social justice a lot.”

Destroy Boys, “American River”

They’re conscious about using their platform to support other women. “We try to handpick our openers and make sure they’re female bands and support other struggling bands in the scene,” says Mayugba. ”I guess that kind of makes our music punk rock in another way.”

Recently, the band met pop punk pioneer Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day at a show. Later, Armstrong posted an Instagram photo wearing a Destroy Boys shirt. They’ve been in touch since. “That dude’s the best,” Roditis says. Armstrong even got them a mention in Rolling Stone.

The band currently doesn’t have any shows coming up and are busy with college, but are writing lots of new music. Hear all of Make Room and the entire interview with Destroy Boys on this week’s The Music Meetup.