Denitia Chats Environmental & Spiritual Inspirations to Her Music

It’s clear from the evolution of her music that Denitia Odigie is a well-rounded musician. From playing church guitar in Texas to coming alive with jazz in New York City, she’s created her own playing field with a style uniquely hers.

Her last LP, 2019’s Touch of the Sky, is an experimental introspective indie explosion with synth, electronic sampling, echoing guitar, and soothing vocals which she describes as “cinematic dream pop.”

“It’s [my music] been a soup and I love it,” Denitia tells BTRtoday about her style. “Soup’s good.”

Denitia wrote most of the album in Rockaway, N.Y., and it shows. The ocean’s vastness, breathtaking sunrises over the waves, and her neighbors’ connectedness with the water feel ingrained in every single melody.

“The wide open skies over the ocean [and] the infinite feeling was super inspiring for me,” she says.

Denitia “Place to Be”

Denitia’s melodies are wavy, flowing organically as her lyrics pull you in and out of a deep thought like a riptide. She lived in Rockaway for four years, but about a year ago moved upstate to surround herself with the trees. She expects her new music will be greatly influenced by her new surroundings.

Before New York, however, Denitia was immersed in country music. She began writing her own music as a teenager growing up in east Texas where she was raised on country music and started learning how to play guitar for her church. Over time she started exploring more music genres, and started to write music influenced by her new discoveries. Denitia then moved to Nashville, Tenn., immersing herself in the music scene there before eventually moving to New York City.

“I’ve always been into lots of different types of music,” she says. “Something that I realized so much later—I really didn’t think about this for a long time—but music has a spiritual nature to me and that’s part of the reason why I can only do stuff that feels amazing, because it’s so spiritual and connects to something outside of myself.”

Denitia is currently working on new music, and recently had NYC electronic group Pool Cosby remix her track “Place to Be.” She says her new work goes back to her roots, partially inspired by a life-altering experience at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown.

“I just wanted to strip away everything,” she says. “I got really back into a lot of the music from my youth and why I got into music [in the first place]—so, I’m working on something that’s very much stripped down, but has a lot of energy at the same time.”

Listen to tracks from her 2019 album Touch of the Sky and the entire interview with Denitia on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.