David Quinn Has More to Come After ‘Letting Go’

Illinois born and raised country artist David Quinn decided to make moves once the pandemic hit. At the time he was living in Chicago and writing his sophomore LP Letting Go. Now, the record is out, available on Low Down Records, and Quinn is living in the woods in Indiana where he’s using his new environment to inspire more music.

“From traveling a lot and always being on the go, I think there’s sort of a little bit of meanness to [Letting Go] in a weird way,” Quinn says about his most recent album. “I have the new record down now—to me, it’s still the same thing, like country music, but it definitely has more of a laid back tone, [I’ve been] definitely in a different headspace with writing a lot of these new songs.”

Though obviously country and twangy at its core, Letting Go transcends the confines of the genre. Old Southern rock comes blaring through with the intricate guitar picking and stadium worthy drum transitions, and sad bluesy/bluegrass lyrics ooze with each sad cowboy word. The title track, Quinn says, lays down exactly what the listener is about to get into.

David Quinn, “Letting Go” live at DZ Records (2019)

“The first line off of the song ‘Letting Go’—‘I’m letting go of everything that’s keeping me down’—that says what that whole record was about for me,” he says. “Personally and even musically in a way. I was tired of everybody having an opinion on what type of music it was—it was just very off-putting to me and I was so tired of that.”

Quinn adds that he loves acoustic-based songs and has always been a big fan of musicians like Neil Young and John Prine. He keeps it simple and calls his music “just country music,” but he also says he’s inspired by many different styles and never writes with an intended genre in mind.

Songwriting is Quinn’s favorite part of the process and says it’s what gives him the most fulfillment. However, he also loves playing smokey bars. “I definitely miss being out playing to people in smokey bars, that’s probably my second favorite part [about musicmaking],” he says.

Although a tour or even just a live show in your local dive bar isn’t on the itinerary any time soon, Quinn is excited to share even more music in the near future. Hear the entire interview with David Quinn and Letting Go in its entirety on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.