Champagne Superchillin is Laid Back and Bubbly

La vie is seriously en rose with Champagne Superchillin.

Champagne Superchillin is more than their name or an over-quoted French song like “La Vie En Rose.”

With romantic French lyrics and melodies inspired by garage rock, 1960s French pop and experimental electronica, their sound shows you life through rose-colored glasses.

Lead singer Juliette Buchs was born and raised in Bretagne, France. She married an American musician, which brought her to the US and the world of indie music. She and her husband settled in Nashville, where Buchs met her future Champagne Superchillin bandmates.

Ben Trimble (keys/guitar) from Fly Golden Eagle and Charles Garmendia (drums) from Clear Plastic Masks met Buchs within the Nashville music scene and quickly became friends. They would party together and, Buchs tells BTRtoday, would drunkenly end the night with sing-alongs by the bonfire.

“We would party together and just have fun, and in the late hours I missed France so I would put some French music on and do my own Karaoke,” she says. “So they [Trimble and Garmendia] were like, ‘okay, this is the girl,’ and, with that, Champagne Superchillin was born.”

After a few years in Nashville, the group moved to NYC just a few weeks ago. With that came a three-night residency for Beach Jam in The Rockaways and a bass player, Jose Aybar from Las Rosas.

Currently, they’re recording a new album in the NY beach town while spending their nights in Manhattan to play shows and let the city know Champagne Superchillin has arrived.

Buchs says the project was based around a fictional backstory of a family from a vineyard—hence the Champagne in the name. However, they did actually make a champagne called Destino, they even made a commercial for it. Destino is also the name of their debut record officially being released on Soft Junk in September.

“It’s supposed to be a wine album,” Buchs says. “The process was just like hanging together and going through life experiences that inspire you, and we were all going through a bunch of shit together, so the mixture just happened.”

They’ve got two albums in the works; one’s slated to come out September 12 and another sometime in December. Buchs says they’re experimenting more with electronic vibes and want to include more visuals and hands-on experiences with their live performances.

“The new one is completely different,” she explains. “We’re just going from one album to another with a completely different vibe.”

Listen to this week’s Music Meetup to hear Destino in its entirety and the full interview with Buchs. We sat on a beach while Breanna Barbara played in the background and talked about the band making friends with a sax player in a leopard suit on the streets of NYC, Buchs’ love/hate relationship with Nashville and singing French lyrics to an American crowd.

Forget Vive La FranceVive La Champagne Superchillin.