Brian Hill Leaves Fashion Behind

Brian Hill knows style.

Hill ditched his life as a supermodel to pursue his true destiny as a rock star.

“I’m kind of more in an anti-fashion moment in my life,” he tells BTRtoday. “I’m just solely focused on music now.”

After Hill worked as a studio musician with bands like Chairlift and Tamaryn, Hill’s friend, and now fellow band mate, Joo Joo Asheworth (Froth), encouraged him to write music for himself. Thus, Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs were born.

“I just wrote some songs and I really liked them and I wanted to play them live, so I put together a band,” he says. “We did a single at first, and it was so much fun I was just like, ‘alright let’s do this,’ and it really just naturally evolved quite quickly.”

The name “Noh Starrs” has many meanings for Hill. He quickly came up with the name from his infatuation with the traditional Japanese theater “Noh Theater.” He also likes how close the name sounds to “no stars” or No Wave—a genre Hill says is a huge influence.

“People were like, ‘ just call it your name,’ but I wanted to call it something too,” Hill says. “It was kind of a split second decision.”

Though he’s not currently in a fashionable mood, he doesn’t regret his time in the fashion world.

“I was never super into that world as far as the conventional way,” he explains. “I did meet some amazing people in that time … It was fun while it lasted and definitely facilitated certain aspects of what was possible for me.”

He postponed his solo career because he didn’t have the funds or the means at the time—working in fashion provided him with enough money and connections to make his music dream a reality.

“I don’t come from a place where wealth is easily accessible, so making some money was cool—I was able to make a studio out of it for myself,” Hill says.

Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs released their debut self-titled LP just this Friday, Aug. 18, via Modern Sky USA. The album is post-punk infused pop, with dark undertones much like the kind you hear in No Wave bands  Sonic Youth and ESG. Hill chants catchy lyrics that pair perfectly with steady melodies and fun drum beats. It’s the kind of music you can dance like an idiot to, but still feel cool AF.

Hear Brian Hill & The Noh Starrs’ new self-titled album in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup, along with the full interview with Hill.

They’re so hot right now.