Brenda Annihilates With Drums

Ever seen somebody spontaneously combust?

It apparently happens to dozens of people every year. It’s just not widely reported.

Brenda’s lost many bandmates to the underreported explosive menace. The Kentucky-based group’s raw sound and aggressive two drummer attack blasts all who hear it into rock ‘n’ roll oblivion.

Matt Horne (guitar/vocals), Brenda Mahler (drums/vocals) bassist Shelley Anderson and second drummer JC Denison create a sound that demands cranking the volume to 11. They take ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and blast it together with the intensity of punk rock and the grittiness of ‘90s grunge. The mix is melodic, menacing and fast as hell.

“We’ll write the tunes, just plug up and play really loud,” Horne tells BTRtoday about creating Brenda’s garage rock sound.

Brenda doesn’t do your typical rock band setup. They put two drummers front and center, one with a full set (Denison) and the other with a half set (Mahler). Amps blast behind them while Horne and Anderson rock out.

“If you’re standing in the front, you can really get annihilated with the drums,” Horne says. “I thought it would be cool to have the drums way up front so it’s the first thing hitting people’s ears.”

To pierce the percussion, Horne creates lyrics that he knows push buttons and make people explode.

Life in Louisville inspires their lyrics. On Facebook, they describe their genre as “shotgun house rock,” which isn’t just a random description. Horne and Mahler say one neighborhood in particular that inspires them.

“It’s called Germantown,” Mahler says. “[It’s] full of shotgun houses and there’s some crazy awesome people here.”

Horne says Germantown looks like it was constructed by driftwood from back when Louisville was a riverboat city. With shanty houses built back-to-back to each other, you can’t help but wonder who lives in this sort of place.

“All the people in that part of town inspired our last record to a certain extent,” he says. “Also, I work for an auto-manufacturer, so a lot of the experiences I have with those characters also made their way into the most recent record.”

Photo by Brooke Shanesy

Mahler tells BTRtoday they have an EP in the pre-production phase that might turn into a full-length. They intend to play as many live shows as possible and are planning a small U.S. tour.

Don’t feel threatened by their reputation. Brenda is actually comprised of a bunch of sweeties, and it sounds like their live performances are worth potentially dying from.

So join them for a mint julep and and watch the sparks fly.

Brenda Nightschool album cover