Born Ruffians Look Back While Moving Forward

The world is crazy right now and Born Ruffians know it. But that’s not stopping them from giving you JUICE.

The Toronto-born group came up in the local garage scene before blossoming into the pioneering indie rockers they are now, with huge worldwide tours and five full-length studio albums. Frontman Luke Lalonde says in the moment it’s hard to realize the magnitude of their achievements, but looking back he feels proud.

“You just kind of like, have your head down for a bit and then every once in a while you look around and see where you’re at,” Lalonde tells BTRtoday.

Lalonde says the early years for Born Ruffians were “tumultuous” and fast-paced, which made it difficult to see their progress. Now, however, he’s able to see the band’s constant evolution and it makes him feel stable. “Obviously, we’re still working hard out there and trying to get ‘er done and stuff, but, we’ve been doing it for a while, so we are able to now, every once in a while, reflect on what we’re doing and how far we’ve come and where we’re at, and where we want to go still,” he says. “[We’re] always looking at the next direction and the next thing we want to do.”

JUICE, their sixth full-length album, is slated to come out April 3 on Yep Roc. Lalonde says many of the tracks were inspired by reminiscing. Their most recent single “Wavy Haze” is about the fog that surrounds your mind when looking back on your life. “It’s about the nature of memory,” Lalonde says. “Sometimes it’s clear and sometimes it’s not.”

Born Ruffians, “I Fall In Love Every Night”

“Wavy Haze” is one of the sweeter tracks on JUICE. The slow and dreamy melody worms its way into your ears while Lalonde sings, sometimes gutturally and sometimes flowery, about those first days of taking on the world by yourself.

“I left home when I was 19 or 20, and those early days of the band in Toronto we all lived together in a house and we jammed in the basement and there were always stacks of empty beer cases and stuff around,” Lalonde says about the new single. “That rush of when you leave home, they are very formative years and I was thinking about those years when I wrote that song.”

The rest of JUICE still focuses on Born Ruffians’ past, but is packed with faster and dancier vibes, like the other two recent singles “Dedication” and “I Fall in Love Every Night.” Both tracks have lyrics recounting stories bursting with desire, hopelessness, and urges only relatable to those on their own for the first time.

Listen to tracks from their 2018 album Uncle, Duke, & the Chief, the three newest singles from JUICE, and the entire interview with Lalonde on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.