Bonding Over Sci-Fi With The Filipino Snares

You’ve now crossed over into the Twilight Zone with The Filipino Snares.

In unassuming family homes in Kentucky, doors are unlocking to other dimensions of sound.

Led by Justin North, The Filipino Snares take inspiration from current events and family life plus $1 science fiction VHS tapes found at the Goodwill. The band of dads bond with their kids over cheesy sci-fi flicks and follow the family fun with basement jam session with the guys.

Time Cop is up there,” North tells BTRtoday. “I try to find the worst unknown science fiction movies—a lot of those are pretty inspirational.”

Their sound is reminiscent of early 2000s indie rock, like Modest Mouse and Cake, but with a futuristic twist. By overdubbing hazy home-recorded vocals over fast tempos, they create a unique sound that seems like a message from space. For their most recent album Part Time Machine North got his hands on a Fun Machine organ synthesizer, giving him the ability to add the sci-fi aspect he always dreamed of.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer robot inspired the track “Terminator” on the new album. North sings, “come with me if you want to live” over sultry guitar and a catchy beat. It’s the perfect tune to listen to while enjoying a sunny post-apocalyptic day.

They album name Part Time Machine comes from North’s belief that the brain can be viewed as somewhat of a time machine itself.

“We can go into the past or into the future, either with memories or wishes,” he says.

North says he writes and plays music simply out of love. “I could see us doing this until we die,” he says. “We’re not in it for money or fame, we’re just in it for our own sanity.”

North admits to spending his 20s as a “Morrissey clone” completely consumed by the music industry. “We all just wanted to be something, we lived and breathed music,” he says. “But now this is a conscious choice of making [music] something that’s enjoyable for us.”

North wishes to pass down this love for music to his two young daughters. He wants them to have fun expressing yourself. “They go down in the basement quite often and bang on the drums and turn on the organ,” he proudly says about his daughters. “They’ve got a little band that they’re starting.”

Mostly, The Filipino Snares is just a group of friends being dorks in the basement. Living the dream for these guys is just to keep making music and bond with their kids over a few low-budget sci-fi flicks.

Move into a land of both shadow and substance by listening to Part Time Machine on The Music Meetup.