Black Haüs Reminisce About House Shows & Promise New Music

Coming off their 2020 EP Mss Thang and their newest single from earlier this month “Divide Em!,” Black Haüs is keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

Jeffrey Tulliz Jr. (frontman), Taylor Williams (guitar), Sid Pennix (drums), and Collin Nesbitt (bass) met in the college town of the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Though the rock ‘n’ roll four-piece have developed a sound boundless of genres and beyond worthy of 1,000+ capacity venues, they never want to let go of their house show roots in Greensboro. Pennix and Nesbitt used to throw their own house shows, the four musicians met and first jammed at a house show, and they even decided to put the word house in their band name (even though they spiced it up by spelling it Haüs).

“That [first] jam session turned into, ‘wow, we sound great together, at least to our ears, so why don’t we show everybody else?’” Tulliz Jr. tells BTRtoday, “Then everybody else gave us that validation so we just kept it going.”

Black Haüs, “Deathwish”

They decided to call themselves Black Haüs because they’re an all-Black band and they blossomed within the house show scene.

Though they all agree on their AFROPUNK shows in NYC being their most exciting and satisfying shows so far, they still hold certain house shows dear to their hearts. They recount one in particular where they were sure the floor was going to break from all the people jumping along to them.

“The floor was just bouncing literally like a trampoline because there were so many people in it,” Williams recalls. “That was something beautiful—I couldn’t even sit on the floor, I had to sit on top of my amp.”

Black Haüs, “Last Summer” Tiny Desk 2020 Submission

They currently only have one EP out and a couple of singles, but they’ve already set the stage for a very all-encompassing rock ‘n’ roll vibe. They flirt with a punk rock edge, are unafraid to get a little emo or political, spice in some hip-hop rhythm, then dose their whole sound in grungy garage and what comes out is a sound that’s uniquely Black Haüs.

“Shout out to all the Black people out there doing rock ‘n’ roll [and] still keeping the band life alive,” Pennix adds. “Black bands are coming back and we’re the future and y’all see it happening—everybody wants the band aesthetic but no one wants to be the band, so we’re the real ones for you, we got you.”

Black Haüs is currently working on their “highest quality produced” music video to hopefully come out soon. Williams adds that they desperately want to release new music this year as well. “If it doesn’t then please feel free to email us and tell us to step on it,” he says. “We’re gonna get something out this year for sure.”

Listen to the entire interview with Black Haüs along with their newest single, Mss Thang EP in its entirety, AND the premiere of a never release track “So I Guess” on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.