Autogramm’s Joshua Wells Says He Just Wants Everyone to Dance

Autogramm, the rock band based between Chicago, Il. and Vancouver, Canada has been going strong for three years. They recently released their sophomore album No Rules last month and are getting fans of numerous genres to move and groove.

Frontman Joshua Wells tells BTRtoday that he just wants people to dance. Though he’s felt this way even before the world was forced into quarantine, the massive time in solitude we all had to endure has made this mantra more important than ever.

“That’s my approach in writing,” he says. “[The title track] is just an ode to dance and how it’s a great way to lose yourself in the moment and surrender to the void.”

Autogramm, “No Rules”

No Rules has a solid punk rock foundation in its sound, but it also dips its dancing toes into other vibes. The title track gives you gritty distortion and chant-able vocals but also goes back and forth to groovy synth and melodic interludes to make even the heaviest leather-clad rocker want to move their booty.

“[Autogramm’s philosophy] would be, ‘make everyone dance and don’t stick around too long,’” says Wells.

Although the three-piece doesn’t tour often, when they do it’s epic. Wells says the whole reason they even started the band in the first place was because they have such a good time together. Due to the pandemic, they haven’t been able to record together or even play together, let alone tour. No Rules was only halfway done when Covid hit and delayed the release, taking two years for the album to be complete.

“We can’t record the way we usually would in a room together,” Wells says. “[Now], we have to rethink the way the song should be from the ground up… It does cause you to rethink your approach when you’re recording things remotely.”

Autogramm, “Mantra”

Wells’ full-time job is in a studio as an engineer and producer, so having to work with musicians, including his own bandmates, remotely has been a unique challenge for him. However, though the distance is physically immense, it hasn’t halted his work or creativity. In fact, Autogramm is currently working on a new seven-inch to be released later this year.

Listen to Autogramm’s sophomore album No Rules in full along with the entire interview with frontman Joshua Wells on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.