Anya Marina Chats Last Live Show & New Live Album

Anya Marina is known for her catchy rhythms and relatable lyrics. Her angelic voice reveals an exceptional vocal talent, while her songs connect with any listener. Her discography, from albums to EPs, always showcases that ability, but her most recent LP takes it to an entirely new level.

Anya Marina “Notice Me”

Live and alone in New York is ten tracks introduced with their compelling prologue recorded live on stage over two nights at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall. The album captures the magical in-person element of Marina’s performance and makes you feel more connected to the artist than ever. Each track is stripped down to an intimate solo performance of just Marina and the melodies. The addition of her personal stories that explain the tracks will put a smile on your face—not to mention make you yearn for pre-pandemic live shows.

“That show at Rockwood, which is my neighborhood venue, it’s a really fun intimate place I would play really often in NYC,” Marina tells BTRtoday. “I had no idea that when I recorded [that show for Live and Alone in New York] that would be my last show there and in NYC for a really long time.” Marina was scheduled to go on tour following the Rockwood Music Hall shows, but COVID-19 had other plans. Since then, she’s only played live streams at-home or in empty venues.

“So yeah, [this album] is special in that way because it feels like a little time capsule.”

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The tracks on the live recording are a hodgepodge of new and old songs. Marina says she chose these tracks specifically for the show because they work the best stripped down as a solo act and she felt the most emotional connection with the stories that inspired them.

“I felt like some of [these stories] were staples,” she says. Marina loves to tell the story of when she shared the demo to “Notice Me” with her mother. Her mother was shocked with the lyrics of “Notice Me,” questioning her about being “the girl in your bed.” “[My mom] got on my case like, ‘I can’t believe I raised a girl who would say this in a song! …’ I was like, ‘… yeah, it’s a song mom.’”

Marina misses playing shows in front of a live audience and is counting down the days until she can step on the stage again and connect with her fans. In the meantime, get a taste of her shows on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup where we listen to Live and Alone in New York along with an interview with Anya Marina. Also make sure to support her on Patreon, where you can get exclusive access to her music.