A Few Things Cherry Glazerr’s Clem Creevy Loves

Cherry Glazerr frontwoman Clem Creevy was only 18 when she went all-in with her punk trio. Now, 22, Creevy looks back at that risky wager without a single regret. In fact, she couldn’t be happier with the result: playing big shows around the world, writing new music and loving her fans.

“I don’t think there is any situation in which I wouldn’t [have done Cherry Glazerr],” Creevy told BTRtoday before heading to NYC to play a sold-out Bowery Ballroom. “If I wasn’t doing Cherry Glazerr, I would probably be starting Cherry Glazerr.”

The band has gone through multiple iterations since Creevy started it, but recently returned to their roots. For the last album Apocalipstick the band had a full-time synth player, but for this newest album Stuffed & Ready Creevy decided to go back to their original three-piece set-up of her, Tabor Allen (drums) and Devin O’Brien (bass).

“Tabor Allen is my ride or die homie, my main and first bitch,” she says. “I started the band as a three piece and I love three pieces and I feel like [being a trio] suits the songs that I write and allows them to be what they want to be.”

Stuffed & Ready, released on February 1, is Cherry Glazerr’s third full-length. While not as lo-fi and garage-y as their previous albums, their sound is still just as dirty and hardcore. Creevy’s vocals stay light and calming amid a blaze of chaotic distortion and thunderous drums. Between face-melting guitar solos and blood-pumping drum breaks Creevy occasionally lets out a passionate guttural howl—like in the track “Stupid Fish,” where she goes from singing gentle choruses to shouting with all her might, “I see myself in you and that’s why I fucking hate you.”

Creevy says she writes music as a way to feel secure and reassured, calling it an “outlet” for her “thoughts and feelings.”

Cherry Glazerr, “Juicy Socks”

Though Cherry Glazerr is past their home-recording and DIY house show phase (much to Creevy’s delight) they’re not out-of-touch with their grungy roots. Creevy says though she prefers playing the larger venues they’ve worked so hard to get to, you can still catch her moshing out to punk shows in basements or DIY spots. Creevy even boasted about a punk house show she recently went to in L.A., saying excitedly, “I just went to see this band called Sabrina Is Not In This Chat [and] they’re awesome—[their show] was so cool.”

Creevy says many of their fans are from an underground scene, a fact she prides herself on. The trio recently had a short promo tour in the U.K. where they played record stores and did signings and Creevy says her fans are great no matter where in the world they are. “I feel very lucky,” she says. “We have the best fans in the world.”

Fans and the band aren’t the only things Cherry Glazerr loves. They also love their namesake, NPR reporter Chery Glaser.

“She does sort of basic news, so I think we thought it would be kind of funny to name it after her,” Creevy says. “We’ve met her a number of times, she’s so fucking cool and rad—she says she feels like our proud aunt watching her nieces and nephews do well.”

Cherry Glazerr, “Wasted Nun”

Whether you’re a proud aunt or lovable fan, you have to catch them live. Their show comes fully equipped with a light show, trippy animation spinning in the background, a giant inflatable cherry and strange light fixtures on stage while the trio rocks out. In the meantime, listen to the full interview with Cherry Glazerr’s Clem Creevy and Stuffed & Ready in its entirety on this week’s The Music Meetup.