A Chat with Lesibu Grand About Inclusivity, Musical Rebirth, & More

Lesibu hit the ground running after debuting in the Atlanta, Ga. music scene in 2018. Their singles are all incredibly catchy and their live shows burst with energy. But COVID-19 hit even harder only two years into the band’s existence, forcing in-person music to a halt.

But did that stop Lesibu Grand? Hell no! This badass fourpiece kept their creativity flowing, writing more tunes and making fun music videos, and even amping up their social media presence to give fans live streaming shows and more.

Lesibu Grand “Not Sweet Enough”

“We transitioned from the live shows to the live streams [and] increased our presence on social media, so we have a lot more people outside of Atlanta know us now because of [that],” Lesibu Grand frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton tells BTRtoday. “It definitely helped us in a way because we were able to have a broader reach—it’s like a rebirth… It’s very exciting for us, but we hope to get to all the places to play some shows now.”

Their most recent release, the music video for “Not Sweet Enough,” is an instant feminist anthem. The track is catchy and melodic, staying in your head for hours after hearing it, as well as empowering and kickass, filling you with punk rock energy. The video features Molton as a Barbie doll doing things that aren’t so sweet, like lighting a (doll)house on fire or chopping up an action figure that has no business trying to control Lesibu Grand.

Lesibu Grand “Hot Glue Gun”

“The live shows are themed around how we dress [in the music videos],” she says. “Like in ‘Miranda’ I have the space outfit, or in ‘Hot Glue Gun’ I wear the pink Power Ranger outfit—our band is very high-energy, so we definitely spend a lot of time jumping around stage and just have a good time.”

Molton says the lyric “…take me by the hand…” from “Miranda” is a perfect vague line that describes what Lesibu Grand is all about. Their multi-genre inspirations give them a unique sound and an air of inclusivity.

“It’s a unifying meaning behind it, ‘take me by the hand’—I think it has a variety of different meanings, and I think our band definitely encompasses that with our style that generally pulls from a lot of different places,” she says. “We are a melting pot of different things.”

Lesibu Grand “Miranda”

Though the group doesn’t currently have any shows set for the near future, they’re ready to get on stage once again and even hopefully hit the road. In the meantime, listen to singles from Lesibu Grand and the full interview with frontwoman Tyler-Simone Molton on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.