Getting Hypnotic With Evolfo

You’re falling into a deep slumber. Count backwards from 10. When I snap my fingers you’ll be rocking out to Evolfo.

Their music is a mixture of captivating lyrics and hard rocking beats that will move your body no matter how much your conscious mind resists its pull. Though punk rock at its core, Evolfo’s sound is as catchy as any top 40 pop hit to ever get stuck in your head.

Conceived by vocalist and guitarist Matthew Gibbs while a high school student in 2009, Evolfo’s current lineup of rock ‘n’ roll hypnotists solidified in Brooklyn around 2011 and has been going strong since.

Evolfo is a collaborative effort, held together by Gibbs’ vision. “I’m always about bringing people in and collaborating more than dictating the way that it works,” he says. “It used to be more people, I think we had 12 at one point. I just thought the more people, the greater the spectacle.”

The now seven-piece group released their first full-length album on Royal Potato Family Records in April, entitled The Last of the Acid Cowboys. Filled with danceable and mesmerizing tunes, the album is a hard swinging pendulum sure to put you into a trance. Gibbs says that this is the first time they’ve been able to find a happy median between their live and recorded sounds.

“I think our point of view before was, ‘oh, we can just go into this studio and play exactly how we play live and it’ll be a great record.’ We…were failing, falling flat on our faces,” Gibbs says. “This time we went in and experimented until it felt like we were really making something that sounded good on a recording. We started in this place where we were all live form, and now we’ve made this album that we’re super proud of with all these textures and tones.”

Despite how crowded it gets onstage with a seven-piece, Evolfo has always been about more than just a band. They live for the room and never forget to play to the vibe of the crowd. “We like to get people in the zone,” he says. “From there we’ll move it to some exciting stuff and shake it up a bit—it ends with some crazy energy getting hypnotic.”

Gibbs calls the band’s sound “expansive.” Not only do they boast an amplified lineup, but also because of their ability to hit a broad spectrum of genres. “We’re definitely not trying to be locked down in a singular genre,” he adds.

Evolfo is working on writing new material and playing as many shows as possible. Catch them at this year’s Pizzafest at Gutter Bar in Brooklyn, and let the music take control of your body and mind.