Get A Sneak Peek of Daddy Issues’ ‘Deep Dream’

The new Daddy Issues album won’t officially see the light of day until May 19. But we got our hands on a few tracks early. Check it out along with some of their oldies-but-goodies–streaming now on BTRtoday’s The Music Meetup.

The dreamboat trio has channeled the spirit of the ‘90s with their newest album Deep Dream. Jenna Moynihan’s vocals capture the essence of Courtney Love in Hole, offering primal screams about breakups, abuse and sexual assault.

Moynihan matches the intensity on guitar. Along with bassist Jenna Mitchell and drummer Emily Maxwell, they create teeth gnashing downer songs that still manage to find room for hope.

The three met in their hometown of Nashville through friends in the music circuit. One otherwise uneventful day, boredom inspired the trio to record some music. The three don’t believe in fate, but you can’t argue with the results.

“Being together just feels like it’s supposed to be that way, like it has to be the three of us,” Maxwell tells BTRtoday. “It really is an amazing bond that you have with other people,” Mitchell adds on. “To be able to make music that you care about with other people, you can’t do that with just anybody.”

After learning their instruments on the fly (excluding Mitchell who studied violin as a kid), they booked a few shows and went from there. Now, with their second full-length album ready to hit the shelves, it would seem like Daddy Issues isn’t really having many issues these days.

Their last tour with Diet Cig was hiccup free. In fact, the only thing the girls could think of was some bad sunburn and a failed attempt at ordering wine on Craigslist.

“It was a blast and a half,” Moynihan burst out with glee. “It was hugely fulfilling and inspiring and beautiful to be out on the road with them. Not just because their band is spectacular, but they as human beings are amazing as well.”

With everything going so smoothly, it makes you wonder where the name Daddy Issues even came from.

“I saw ‘daddy issues’ written on the bathroom wall and I figured it was already a really cool punk band,” Moynihan explains about the discovery at the late D.I.Y. venue The Owl Farm in Nashville. “I went home and I googled it and it didn’t exist, so I thought it would be a cool idea for a band.”

They save their issues for their lyrics and use their daydreams for their melodies.

Vinyl will also be available with the digital release of Deep Dream on Infinity Cat Records, May 19. Currently, they’re gearing up for another full U.S. tour and several releases of live studio sessions—with hope in sight of a few new music videos. So, reconcile with your pops and keep an eye on Daddy Issues.