Calvin Love

There’s a little place in the Canadian province of Alberta called Edmonton. The town–which sits on the North Saskatchewan River–is not only the capital of the province, but it also produces some very talented musicians such as Mac DeMarco, Sean Savage, and now, say hi to Calvin Love.

Love makes music that cools you down, while simultaneously revving you up. He’s been writing music for about eight years now, and has an EP entitled “Ecdysis” coming out this April! It’s full of catchy melodies and lyrics that speak to the heart.

Though his music seems soothing with a touch of darkness, he originally started writing music in a faster, more punk rock tone. Growing up, he was initially interested in classic rock. He cut his teeth on bands such as Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. However, by the time he picked up a guitar he was into the early ’70s punk; Love idolized bands like Dead Boys, Talking Heads, and Patti Smith, and he learned how to play guitar with those bands blasting along on the tape deck.

He admits that more recently he’s been listening to a lot of Chet Baker, Don Cherry, and all those smooth jazz guys. Seems to me that he’s maturing in his music like a fine wine matures in taste and quality.

His earlier music, such as the “Go Plane” EP which came out in 2007, definitely sounds more experimental and closer to garage rock—especially when compared to the newest tracks off of his upcoming EP “Ecdysis,” such as “Warm Blindness & A Cool Breeze” and “Sugar Hive.” You can tell he’s perfecting his sound.

“Ecdysis,” out April 7, not only better captures a live stetting, but it also sounds far more mature and structured; Love is able to convey control and tight-organizational skills with his instrumentation, tone, and an overall vibe that permeates the EP.

Artwork courtesy of Love.

The word ”ecdysis” literally means the process of some sort of insect or crustacean shedding its skin. “Basically I discovered that word, and I found it was the best for my current situation and progress as a songwriter,” Love explains. “I felt like even though ecdysis is the word to describe the shedding of skin in insects and crustaceans and what not for further growth, I think it can also be applied metaphorically to humans.”

Love adds that, for him, this EP helped him let go of any illusions he was harboring about self-control as a restraint. He worked with a couple other people for this EP, which is unique to Love; he’s very used to having control over the entire process. “Through collaborating and letting people in on my songwriting process for this EP, I was able to achieve things that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own—I was able to realize these songs in a bigger landscape through the help of two other people,” he tells BTRtoday.

There are many different themes thread throughout the EP, according to Love. “There’s personal struggles, themes of addiction, love, obscurity, time travel,” he explains. “It’s left open a bit for people to be able to pull whatever they can from it—if they are, hopefully, the songs can become somewhat universal.” His songwriting is done in a way where each track is not a story, but more like quick snapshots into some of Love’s personal experiences–which keeps them easily relatable.

Starting on March 30 through April 1, Love will be participating in a residency at Berlin in the East Village—so if you’re in town don’t miss out on that. He’ll also be doing a small tour, so make sure to follow him on all those handy social media outlets to see if he’s coming to a city near you. Currently, he’s working on a new full-length album, so keep your ears perked, and, of course, catch his new EP “Ecydsis,” out April 7—hear a couple of tracks from it on this week’s Music Meetup!

Also, if you’re wondering, Love admits to being a big David Lynch fan, and says if his music was a Lynch film, it would be “Blue Velvet.” Just FYI…