Weird Omen

[Disclaimer: prepare to read the word “rock’n’roll” several times, because these guys are real rockers!]

Weird Omen is a French rock’n’roll group that is comprised of only guitar, drums, and saxophone. You can imagine with such a lineup that they are putting out some extremely unique tunes—and I can assure you they are.

Martin Daccord (guitar/vocals), Fred Brissaud (sax), and Remi Lucas (drums/vocals) create sounds that would be party music for the dead. Though dark and eerie sounding, their lyrics talk about inside jokes, interesting characters, and things they all like to bullshit about. This combination of spooky and uplifting creates vibes so confusing that it just makes sense!

Artwork courtesy of the band.

After meeting in Lyon, France, Daccord, Brissaud, and Lucas came together to fuse their different musical interests and created Weird Omen. They told BTRtoday that they each gravitate towards different eras of music they tend to enjoy more; Brissaud leans towards the melodic rock of the ‘50s, Daccord jams long and hard to ‘60s and ‘70s bands, and Lucas, being the youngest, brings the garage and grunge of the ‘90s.

They explain that growing up in France and trying to be angsty teenagers was actually a difficult task. “When I was a teenager there was just one place to buy CDs, and it was a cheap clothing shop, so the music I could find was totally vintage,” Daccord says. “What influenced us is that rock’n’roll is far [from us] and you have to reach for it in France, more so than if you were in the U.S. or the U.K.”

If you ever speak to these guys you’ll swoon over their oh-so-cute French accents, but when you listen to their music you won’t detect even a hint of an accent. They say that they choose to sing in English because in the current state of rock’n’roll, and even the past of rock’n’roll history, the best songs were sung in English—and that’s what they aim to produce, the best rock’n’roll music!

“It’s also easier to write our songs in English, because most of the rock’n’roll we listen to is in English,” Brissaud adds. “If we listen to a French band it’s mostly punk from the ‘80s or something, but really straight ’50s rock’n’roll music is hard to find in French.”

They do have one song that is sung in their native tongue, “Extatique,” which they confess just sounded better that way. Hopefully by the time they play NYC they’ll have another song in French entitled “Elena!” (Lol, listen to the podcast to understand this one, folks!)

Their latest release is a full-length entitled “Breakfast Before Chaos,” which came out last year. They explain its inception simply as, “it was chaos when we did it… and we had had breakfast like an hour before.”

Artwork courtesy of the band.

The album conveys a ghostly psych-rock take on catchy ‘60s tunes. Tracks like “Complications” and “I Think I’m Going Down” may initially transport you to a room full of ghouls and fools, but you’ll quickly notice that those creatures of the night are dancing and singing along, because these songs are catchy as hell!

On March 17 they’ll be releasing a brand new 7’’ on Get Hip! with the tracks “Goat” and “Breakfast.” They explain that this record is about a certain character in their life.

“We have a sound engineer who we’re great friends with, who is a real character, so we wrote a [couple] songs about him—he’s the last one in Europe to have a mullet,” Daccord admits. “Also, I think the songs on the 7’’ are pretty dark and primitive, so it was fun to talk about something funny—don’t take it too seriously, I think it’s better to sound really serious but be talking about bullshit, it’s more fun and intense.”

Each album is decked out in old school film paraphernalia that they’ve adjusted to fit the Weird Omen style.

Catch them on March 18 in Brooklyn at Alphaville with Ryne Ziemba, and Holy Tunics, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Bandcamp to stay up-to-date on everything weird about Weird Omen and to catch them playing in a city near you.