(The band) Drugs’ debut album is soothing garage rock with an important angle.
Her newest EP bursts with energy & hopefulness even though it was created while she was all alone.
“Expose these different darker angles and dark selves and let it be as is,” guitarist/singer Madeline Polites says.
The artist’s thoughts & perceptions are evolving to be more abstract and she loves it.
Combining his love for electric pop and acoustic guitar, Romy Church created e4444e.
“We mean total freedom. Not freedom with restrictions and sh*t. Like, real freedom.”
Immersed in the NYC music scene for years, Diane Gentile has some wise words about it.
He pulls from personal and collective conscious experience to create transformative indie rock.
The Canadian punk rockers evolve with the times with new music & using their voice for justice.
The Black & queer musician uses his art for justice, but is taking it to a whole new level.
The hard work these two indie hip-hop artists put into their music is intertwined with their efforts for justice.
Released last week, ‘Paper Moon’ is an indie-pop dream to keep your heart strong.
Please support Black artists/musicians and help make their voices heard. (Helpful links included!)
Semisi Maiai talks new album ‘Quotidian,’ local ‘80s punk inspo, & drinking heaps of coffee.
We chat predictions of music life post-pandemic & new album ‘Fine Forever.’
With specific creative directions, this NYC solo artist takes you on a journey through the unknown.
Even with a canceled tour & quarantined with their six y/o boy, they still give their fans what they want.
“Let’s just have a good time—and if we aren’t having a good time, [then] something’s horribly wrong.”
Overall, frontman Chris McCrory says they just want to write and release music on their own terms.
Coronavirus might’ve canceled their tour, but it hasn’t canceled their musical momentum.
The Canadian indie rockers reminisce on simpler times while gearing up to release their new album JUICE.
Their newest album ‘Pickles & Pies’ comes out this May and they’re already celebrating.
A lot has happened for the pop-punk trio and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.
The indie quartet chats new music, touring, band mottos and feeling the Bern.
This Presidents’ Day say, “F U” to the establishment and cry out for rebellion with these rock ‘n’ roll thrashers.
While enjoying a glass of red, we chat new music, morbid raps and hip-hop’s roughness.
There’s at least 20 hours a day of darkness in the winter—perfect for an angsty indie band to release a new album.
It’s been a big year for the Los Angeles thrashers. Now they’re looking to the future.
He was getting pretty bored with the whole music scene thing—until he met the Eastern Medicine Singers.
The indie-rock goddess wasn’t always this bold—she used to think she sucked.
Anything can happen when an interview is face-to-face.