The West Coast band uses punk rock to get through these hard times.
Jamison Issak creates soothing sounds for a world in pain on 'Themes For Dying Earth.'
The Royal They is a fuzzed-out band filled with heart attack-inducing drum rolls, fuck-you lyrics and distorted guitar solos that’ll drive you mad.
Liza Colby’s theme song would be raw rock ‘n’ roll and her superpower is pure, strong and dangerous female sexuality.
LuxDeluxe released 'Let’s Do Lunch' this past summer--heavily influenced by NRQB, they also experimented w/ the recording & creative process.
Guitarist and lead singer of Blis. Aaron Gossett isn’t afraid to sing about the ups and downs of his personal life—even when it’s mostly downs.
Meet the psych-rock band from Miami, Deaf Poets--come for the memes, stay for the music.
The Swedish rockers were born to play garage.
Adult Books started with what they knew best, hardcore punk, and morphed into a full-on post-punk band.
They have a song about needing a burrito and drugs, and it’s beautiful.
Honey plays the kind of intense rock ‘n’ roll that would play in your head while you hide from a psycho killer.
The Values' Debut EP provides four tracks you can’t help but sing along to whether you know the words or not.
Married couple finds eternal musical union with Sunshine & The Rain.
The New York group is reviving the grit & power of a bygone era of punk.
Nothing can stop them now, ‘cause they’re The Duke of Surl--a catchy & danceable garage rock project born in NYC.
Hill ditched his life as a supermodel to pursue his true destiny as a rock star.
El Silver Cabs are loud, fun and energetic. Just watch out for flying basses.
Multiple relationships had crumbled for The Drums frontman and he feared he was losing touch even with himself.
Raise a glass to a band as effervescent and effortlessly cool as their name suggests.
Their music is rock ‘n’ roll with a catchy pop edge. They’re melodic and fun and obsessed with 'Friends.'
The Gorilla Biscuits and Quicksand vet lets his freak flag fly with Dead Heavens.
The catchy tunes of Tom Grrrl bend more than just gender.
Pearie Sol, the solo project of Fustero from Washington D.C., is an extra manic version of a ‘70s punk-inspired sound that scrambles the mind.
These Kentucky dads bond with their kids over cheesy sci-fi flicks and follow the family fun with basement jam session with the guys.
Brenda takes ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll and blast it together with the intensity of punk rock and the grit of ‘90s grunge. The mix is melodic, menacing and fast as hell.
The world of L.A. Takedown is a dark place, driven by action, lit by neon colors and fraught with high stress scenarios. And it's impossible to resist.
Cold Beat further explores post punk sounds on new album Chaos by Invitation.
Pairing mesmerizing rhythm guitars with vocals that are rich in harmony but hit harsh peaks, the Cool Ghouls make music that’s catchy as hell.
Evolfo's catchy, punk-inflected tunes are ready to put you in a trance.
This week we chat with Nashville's Daddy Issues & listen to a SNEAK PEEK of 'Deep Dream'--out May 19.
Check out Side Eye—the Pittsburgh-based band comprised of some badass chicks spitting out your new favorite punk/doo-wop/surf rock inspired tunes.
Meet Monograms! They're a mixture of synth pop and punk rock, and who could ask for more??
A dreampop duo of synth wonderfulness, they call themselves "surf-gaze"--you don't want to miss out on Surf Rock Is Dead here on BTRtoday!
From Australia, we're premiering Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads' newest album ‘Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven?’
This Brooklyn-based, ambient singer will blow you away!
These surf-rock punkers bring the tunes, thrills and the entertainment.
Meet Shadow Band--the dark and mysterious group that everyone is looking for. They've got some edge, some sweetness, and some eeriness.
Cool down and rev up to the sound of Calvin Love—a Canadian bringing the perfect blend of loveliness and coldness.
Let's get weird with Weird Omen--a dark and mysterious French band that sings explosive rock 'n' roll.
This week we listen to the new album "Bloodshot Tokyo" by The Dig and chat with bassist/vocalist, Emile Mosseri—-you’ll dig The Dig!
The epitome of badass rock'n'roll blues--this Pittsburgh-based band will knock your socks off. Meet Nox Boys and swoon your little heart out!
Jordan Corso, aka Cotillon, puts out music that soothes the soul--it's relatable in so many ways! We chat with and listen to his first album and a brand new single off of his upcoming album, “The Afternoons.”
Have your ears pet Soft Lions and, trust me, you'll be in for a treat! Meet the west-coast band bringing in the dark vibes to the dance floor.
Max Pain & The Groovies is a rock’n’roll group that makes you think about death and stuff, but still get you partying! Check 'em out here!
A Philly-based band that brings the hard core and the smooth tunes. The best for people who wanna rage, but also want to fall in love.
Americana, alt-country, folk or indie rock--whatever you wanna call them, Dan Getkin & The Twelve Six are putting the real emotions back into country music!
Listen to Plastic Pinks when you need to get your ass up and going--they aren't afraid to rock hard!
Sun Abduction is a New York-based group that pulls influences from psychedelic rock, punk, garage, and grunge--all the sounds you need are right here!
Betty & The Boy paints such beautiful imagery of nature and life with their acoustics and vocals of an angel. Check them out here!