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Jenna Faline Ave-Lallemant, aka Faline, is a sultry singer/songwriter whose vocals drip with sweetness and innocence, but lyrics lash with force and passion. She sings about life, love, heartbreak, and disappointments.

Her middle name, Faline, was given to her by her older brother–when she was born her mother gave her brother the duty of giving her the name. Her brother at the time, 3-years-old, was obsessed with the film Bambi and wanted to name her that. Her mother settled for Bambi’s girlfriend’s name, Faline. She decided to go with it as her stage name, because the name not only comes with that adorable naming story, but also Bambi comes from an even bleaker folklore. She finds the name almost like an alter ego.

Currently residing in Charleston, South Carolina, Faline’s vibe is sweet and sincere, with elegant strums of the guitar and melodic drumbeats that hit you right in the feels. However, don’t let that fool you—she isn’t afraid to use her music as a way to say, “fuck you” or to show off her strengths.

Faline started with piano lessons at age 9—her and her older brother loved discovering new music, and he taught her how to play guitar. She began writing lyrics at 14/15-years-old, and by 18 was writing music to go along with her words. Eventually, she started playing live solo acoustic sets and she fell in love with doing so—playing shows is still her first and true love to this day.

She is in love with the art community of Charleston and feels very well supported by everyone in it. ”Charleston has helped me open up and prepare for what it takes to commit to something like playing music,” she tells BTRtoday. “I think it’s [Charleston] definitely inspiring and I think it’s easy to do what you love when there’s a whole support group doing the same.”

In 2014 she started recording an album, which kicked off her musical career. Her goal was trying to capture her live essence on stage and bringing it back to the studio. This pushed her to branch out for the solo acoustic sets, and get a full-band to back her.

Album artwork (2)Album artwork courtesy of Faline.

Her debut self-titled album came out April of last year. It’s saturated in imagery of nature and oozing with passion—you can hear her entire heart in the melodies and vocals. She explains that the entire process was independent and low budget, and made sure not to be hurried. The entire album sounds extremely well curated and meticulously constructed.

“We’ve taken our time and nothing feels rushed and it just feels really nice,” Faline says about the album. “I think the theme overall is that out of everything you do, even suffering, there can be joy—every victory is out of loss, and every loss is out of victory, depending on how you look at it, especially with love.”

She admits that during the writing process for the songs on the album she was going through a “wild” phase—with lots of love, loss, and mistakes. “Making mistakes and instead of shutting them away, trying to learn from them,” Faline explains about what the album meant to her. “Everybody’s got that side of themselves that they either fear to admit that they have, or they’re able to face it and grow from it.”

Tracks like “Valet” and “Illinois,” according to Faline, are the crowd pleasers. She definitely experimented with her abilities and overall vibe within these two tracks. She adds more distorted guitar riffs, stronger bass lines, and harder hitting drums, with unexpected instrumental pauses that change from wrathful to vulnerable.

Many of her songs describe self-destructive tendencies with undertones of giving up, but Faline’s outlook on life is far from that. Though she may have a dark side, she’s still able to see the bright side of life and can bring that light to her music. In fact, the order of the tracks on the album seem to explain an almost rising from the ashes story—starting off frustrated with no where to go, and ending with a new outlook on life, sandwiched with songs about relatable mistakes, disputes, confusions, and life lessons to grow from.

Her writing process seems to be somewhat sporadic. She confesses that most of the time creativity will strike her at random times. One week she’ll be filled with creative energy producing dozens of songs, then the next week she’ll come up with nothing.

Currently, she’s recording songs for a new full-length album. She describes the new material as darker and ballsier, with a less-produced sound. This next album will be recorded with a new crop of musicians from the last album, so it’s destined to give at least somewhat of a new vibe. However, Faline assures us that it’ll still be very much Faline, just with a refreshing take on her style.

Her debut album was self-released with not much marketing behind it, and currently is unavailable on Spotify or iTunes. The plan is to release both her debut album and her upcoming album out on Spotify and iTunes at the same time and market them together, along with videos, photos, and artwork to go along with the release—making it the whole package.

She has not been on tour yet as Faline, only having participated in a few tours with other musicians as a small, only acoustic, solo opening act. She hopes within the new year to get a van and tour with an entire backing band as Faline. “I feel like we’re about to embark or jump off the edge,” she expresses enthusiastically. “I feel very ready for new things and experiencing what’s out there.”

Make sure to follow Faline on Facebook and Bandcamp to keep up-to-date on what she’s cooking up in the studio and where she’ll be playing next!