Plastic Pinks

You might see pink as a girly and fluffy color, but first of all that’s sexist, and second of all, there is nothing fluffy about Plastic Pinks.

The Miami, FL based band takes inspiration from punkers like Iggy & The Stooges, and young rockers like Thee Oh Sees and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard—all bands that seriously melt faces off. So, Plastic Pinks is similar in that they too can melt some goddamn faces!

Formed in 2013, these guys have gone through an array of line-ups; currently the group is comprised of June Summers as front man and lead vocalist, Augie Pink, brother to Summers, killing it on Rhythm guitar—then there’s Rod Woolf on lead guitar, Dane Giordano on bass, and Trevor Mustoe on the drums—all shredding like you’ve never seen before. These guys came together organically and provide the musical inclination to create badass tunes and an amazing chemistry on stage.

Giordano used to play in Sonic Graffiti, which Mustoe is still the drummer of and Woolf met the guys while playing in a whole gaggle of other bands, so rest assured; these guys know what they’re doing.

This past November, Plastic Pinks released the EP “El Animal.” Summers tells BTRtoday that they had previously recorded over 20 songs, but decided to re-record everything and chose only six songs to release on the EP. Gordon Raphael, who is best known for producing the famous “Is This It?” album by The Strokes, mixed two of the songs on the El Animal EP: “My Frenzy State” and “At World’s End”.

Summers says that Pink friended Gordon on Facebook on a whim, and the two eventually started talking. Pink shared some of their music with Raphael and they ended up working together.

“It was overwhelming,” Summer recounts. “That’s not something that you expect, but that’s how it happens—you just have to be willing to go out there and actually talk to people and network, we’re just happy for that.”

The group is ecstatic about how the EP turned out, and Summers even confesses that his two favorite sounding songs are the ones that Raphael mixed. They plan to have the entire upcoming full-length album produced by Raphael as well.

Summers describes this new album to be experimental, not in terms of sound, but in terms of the band trying things out of their comfort zones. “I think it goes to a broader sound… There are a lot of high-energy songs, as well as, not quite doo-wop, but kind of on that vibe—we have a little bit of everything on it,” he explains about the upcoming album that is tentatively entitled Don’t Forget The Mischief.

“Obviously, there are a lot of things that are going into this album—maybe push the vocals a little bit more and the drum and bass having a lot more connection. You can hear the rhythm section really going for it on this album.”

The band wants to make 2017 a productive year. Before the release of the EP, tragedy struck the group. There was a devastating death in the family for Giordano and Summers had a work accident that broke his back. The band was forced to take a hiatus during the healing process for these band members and many inspirations for the writing process of El Animal came to light.

“But we were like, ‘no, we’re not just going to let this fall.’ so out of that angst of wanting to do stuff, and not wanting to let go or fall into this negativity, we created this [El Animal] and it was a lot of energy, it was a change that we all wanted,” Summers explains. “And all these songs just kind of popped up.”

During that time the band was also going through one of its lineup changes, and with new members comes new sounds. “The change is not just, ‘oh we don’t do that type of music anymore,’ it’s more like it evolved into a bigger sounding band,” Summers confesses about the evolution of their sound.

The group still has their fast-paced face-melters, but they also have their more emotional songs and, of course, they switch up singing in Spanish and English. Summers explains that Plastic Pinks intend to be extremely productive. “We want to work, we want to stay busy,” he says. “I had too much down time in 2016, I want to be as busy as I can be.”

Now with Summers’ back at almost 100 percent recovery they plan on not only going on a west coast tour, but hopefully, also, an European tour. Make sure to follow them on all their social media accounts to stay up-to-date on where they’re headed and what they’re putting out next.