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Thick is a badass pop-punk/garage band that’s based in Brooklyn, NY. Their style is a combo of classic Blink-182 and 90’s Riot Grrrl bangers. Their music induces some serious head banging and moshing—-so keep an icepack handy for sudden black eyes or sore muscles!

The band is comprised of the wild trio Nikki Sisti (guitar/lead vocals), Kate Black (bass/vocals), and Shari Page (drums/vocals). The second that the three got together it was an instantaneous connection and perfect musical match-up.

Sisti and Page got together through a Criagslist post Sisti created entitled “Two Girls One Drummer,” which Page found irresistibly amazing. So she answered the ad and joined the band. When Thick first began, they had a different bassist, but life happened and things got in the way, and Thick seemed to fall apart.

However, Sisti and Page were not about to give up on the music! During that time, Black was an infamous mosher; you’d find her sweaty and punching out guys in any NYC mosh pit. “For a whole year we’d see each other in mosh pits and be like, ‘yo it’s that girl!’” Sisti tells BTRtoday about seeing Black in the pits. One day Page happened to be at a show that Black was playing, so Page mustered up the courage and invited Black to join them at a Thick practice.

“The sound matured right when Kate walked into the room,” Page confesses.

Within the first practice, after adding Black to the band, they wrote three songs together–two of which are on their newest EP, “It’s Always Something,” which was self-released just this past Sunday (Oct 30th). The EP is four tracks with album artwork by Black and catchy tracks fully-equipped with haunting guitar riffs, relatable lyrics eloquently hollered at you, and beats that’ll get you jumping up and down. The three all agree that the tracks give off a vibe of, “man this sucks, but you know what, it’s going to be okay.”

More times than not, the lyrics are based off real life events that has happened to all or one of the band members. For example, “Puke’s Diner,” the second track on the new EP, is about when Sisti had a crush on a boy and then proceeded to get too drunk to function after finding out he was newly single.

Artwork courtesy of the band.

“It’s a really weird story, because now me and his ex-girlfriend are like BFFs,” Sisti explains. “I woke up the next morning and I was like, ‘oh my god, I drank too much and I ruined it!’ So I spent the whole day writing this love song in my bed—-I was so excited!”

Page adds that when Sisti brought the song to her, she sang some “oooh’s” in the background as a joke, but they ended up liking it so they kept it. “Shari is the queen of oooh’s and fills,” Black describes about Page. In those ingredients you can really hear the band’s pop-punk influences. Page admits that being from Long Island she grew up going to many emo/scene and hardcore punk shows, so it’s no surprise that sprinkling in some ooh’s into a song is a natural thing for Page.

Before Black, both Sisti and Page admit that they were all chaos, but no order. In no way is Black the mom figure of the group; all three ladies are equally as wild. However, once she joined the band something just seemed to click, and now their tunes are carefully curated and professionally executed, but still aren’t lacking in any of their garage or punk rock roots.

“We were just drunk all the time and playing wasted-—no one liked our music,” Sisti laughs about playing pre-Black. “I don’t even drink that much, but I ended up being so drunk at a lot of those shows and I just can’t play drums drunk, that should just never happen,” Page adds.

Sisti says that after a while it dawned on them that they wanted to actually get good at playing their instruments and maybe actually try. Perhaps Black was the push of encouragement they needed, but whatever it was, they’ve now mastered their art. “So, now we’re trying—-we’re still pouring beer on each other at shows though,” Black concludes.

They haven’t been able to organize a full tour quite yet. They play many weekend shows around the U.S., mostly the East Coast, but one time they caught a show in Canada…

“The one time we tried to tour they stole our car,” Sisti blurts out, which induced an uproar of laughter. Apparently, last February they went up to Canada with a friend and decided to set up a show on their way back. They ended up playing a random hardcore punk show somewhere near Toronto.

“We ended up playing this show and drinking a little too much and going to this bar with all these girls afterwards,” Sisti recounts. While at this bar, not only did their bags get stolen, but also when they walked outside, to their dismay, their rental car with all of their instruments inside of it was gone. “We end up calling the police–I was talking to the officer and I was not very nice, I was swearing up a storm, and after an hour of interrogation they were like, ‘yeah, we found your car, it was torched… someone blew it up.’”

Luckily, Sisti had insurance on everything through her credit card, so they were able to be reimbursed for all that was lost. Currently, that is their only out-of-country touring experience.

In the future they intend to keep the artistic juices flowing with another EP, re-working past songs, planning a tour, creating a zine… their plans are anything but small! They have already written enough songs to create another EP, so that’s looking the brightest for Thick right now.

“It would be so awesome to be on tour with Blink 182,” Sisti sighs. “We could be the new Blink-182,” Black assures. “Yeah, we’ll be Thick-182,” Sisti smirks as they all laugh.

Make sure to follow them on social media (Facebook, Twittier, Instagram, Bandcamp) to stay up-to-date on what Thick is up to and where they’re playing next! Also, make sure to check out their newest EP “It’s Always Something,” now streaming on Discovery Corner (along w/ an interview and past tracks by Thick).


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