Las Rosas

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Las Rosas is a band made up of four friends who like to hit the beach and sing some catchy melodies together. It consist of Jose Boyer on guitar and lead vocals, Jose Aybar on bass, Christopher Lauderdale on drums, and Glenn Van Dyke (of BOYTOY) on guitar and tambourine.

Their vibe makes you want to hop in a car and venture down to the closest coast line, to get lost in the sway of the waves and find someone to fall madly in love with. Once you fall for this band, which you will, it’ll be an unforgettable and lasting relationship.

Las Rosas’ sound is exactly like their band name—that of a rose. Their melodies are delicate and smooth like soft petals, but their thorny lyrics and beats are hard-hitting and deep; they’ll prick you right in the heart.

Not to mention they totally break the barriers of trendy. If you’re looking for an aesthetically cool looking group, you’ve found them—these guys are so hip they make you want to cry. When they strutted into the BTRtoday studio one by one, fashionably late of course, their style ranged from trendy dad to too-cool-for-school ‘90’s schoolteacher.

Boyer was sporting a pair of oversized aviator Blu-Blocker glasses (yes, indoors) with wild hair atop his head, Lauderdale was wearing a denim vest with a brimmed fisherman hat, and Van Dyke and Aybar just oozed chillness. They looked like they’ve never felt uncomfortable in their entire lives.

They were impressed with the hundreds of CDs that lined the walls of the BTRtoday studio. Back in the day, artists would send a physical copy of their album for us to listen to, but now it’s all digital. The band spied two artist in particular that really blew their minds—not because they were such obscure artists (though they were) but rather because they were friends of theirs from decades ago.

One album they grabbed off the wall was a Points album. The band immediately erupted into laughter.

Apparently, before they were Las Rosas, Boyer and Lauderdale played in another band that toured with Points. “Oh, this is one of my favorite stories,” Boyer prefaces. Lauderdale explains how the good vibes got dampened by the first day of tour. Points thought that Lauderdale had stolen their special snare drum that they were borrowing from a friend. Another band said they witnessed Lauderdale walk away with it, but Lauderdale stood by his verdict and argued his innocence.

“I’m just like, ‘look in the van man, if you see your snare in there then whatever!’ and, of course, I open the door and the thing is right there,” Lauderdale explains. He continues and says that the member of Points didn’t even take a beat to register what might’ve had happened, but instead turned around and immediately punched Lauderdale square in the face.

“Then he apologized to me, but then we had to be on tour with them for like three weeks,” he says. “It was weird,” Boyer adds.

That was years ago, in the early 2000’s—they’ve been Las Rosas for about three years now. Each member has been around the New York music scene for some while, having all participated in different music projects before coming together to form Las Rosas.

Photo courtesy of Cool Dad’s Blog.

Lauderdale and Boyer are long-time friends who grew up together in North Carolina. They both moved to the big city around the same time to play in another band together with their mutual friend. Coincidentally, this mutual friend was in another band that had Aybar as their bassist, which is how the three of them met. They started playing music together and decided to form Las Rosas.

Van Dyke only recently joined the band about two months ago. She explains that she was always around the same scene as Las Rosas, but she was busy doing her own thing. She’s in a band called BOYTOY currently that was featured on a previous episode of Discovery Corner.

Though the name Las Rosas is fitting, it doesn’t really have a deep meaning to its members. Boyer confesses that they just thought of it last minute due to a past deadline. They were about to play their first show together in less than 48 hours and the person making the flyers needed a name right then and there.

“It happened kind of instantly,” Aybar conveys. “We just mentioned it once and were like, ‘alright, that’s it.’” Boyer admits that it’s “excruciating” to pick band names. “Like Goo Goo Dolls,” Aybar jokes.

A feud boiled up within the band after the mention of The Goo Goo Dolls. A clear separation was made with Aybar and Lauderdale saying “Name” is the best Goo Good Dolls song, while Boyer and Van Dyke agreed that “Slide” was better. Quite an absurd argument that carried on for a while—however, it was all in good fun. It’s a running joke within the group and they are by no way influenced by the Goo Goo Dolls.

“We’re influenced in a sort of inverse way—whatever they do, we go the other way,” Boyer says. “Us and The Goo Goo Dolls avoid each other.”

“They go right, we go left,” Aybar smirks.

They confess, however, that Shakira is a musician they look up to.

“She goes right, we go right,” Lauderdale says. Aybar looped me in on the Shakira reference saying that he was once in the same swimming pool as Shakira.

“I’m just like in the swimming pool with Shakira and I’m like, ‘alright,’” Aybar says.

The group radiates good vibes. They are currently working on a record entitled “Everybody Gets What They Want,” aimed to come out this fall. They’ve released two singles from the album, “Boys” and “Bad Universe.” Boyer says if you listen to those singles, you’ll immediately understand the sense of their album to-be.

Artwork courtesy of the band.

Go ahead and stalk them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp) and make sure to catch them at their next show July 1st and Rough Trade and at Rippers in Rockaway Beach July 30th!

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