The Nude Party

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If you haven’t been invited to the nude party yet, here’s your invitation! The Nude Party isn’t like most bands, it’s a six-piece group comprised of good friends who know how to have a good time. Hell! They’re the life of the party—The Nude Party that is!

The hosts of this party are Connor Mikita (drums), Shaun Couture (guitar), Don Merrill (keyboard), Patton Magee (guitar/vocals), Alec Castillo (bass), and Austin Brose (percussion/vocals).

They’re a band based in the mountain town of Boone, North Carolina. Currently, they all attend or have recently graduated from Appalachian State University and plan to pursue careers in music. Good thing too, because The Nude Party puts on some killer tunes!

One of their most recent releases, a 7’’ entitled “Hot Tub,” has two tracks on it that perfectly sum up the vibe of The Nude Party—chill, but wild. “One More Mile” is a track that contains raw guitar riffs, fast high-hat rolls, and guttural screams into the mic that get the blood pumping. However, flip the 7’’ over and you get the track “Life’s A Joke,” which is more tranquil and easygoing, singing melodic lyrics about not taking life too seriously.

It’s impossible for their tunes to get you down, because these guys are all about having a good time and leaving the tough times in the dust!

Castillo and Mikita met in high school homeroom and have been inseparable ever since. There, the two met Merrill and Couture, brothers who moved to North Carolina in 2008. Castillo and Mikita met Magee and Brose on campus at Appalachian State University. Once everyone was brought together the group was formed.

“We were kind of like a band before we were a band,” Mikita admits.

The sextet is currently on tour, recently passing through the east coast and getting deeper and deeper into the west. Castillo tells BTRtoday they’ve never been this far west before and are having a great time. During the interview the band was finishing up a breakfast of huevos rancheros on the border of El Paso, and getting ready to hit multiple spots in Texas.

Touring with these guys seems like a blast. They were recently late for a show in Cincinnati because they spotted a billboard that read “Channel 69 News.” They couldn’t pass the photo-op up!

“We did a U-turn a mile passed it and went and hung out in front of it for like 20 minutes,” Mikita explains. “It was well worth it.” When asked about their favorite story from on the road, each of them began their narration with a hearty laugh.

Merrill painted a fine picture of a prized tour story from when the band was playing Charleston. They were staying with a friend who had a one-year-old baby. There were nine of them, so they decided to crash by the apartment complex’s swimming pool so they wouldn’t disturb the baby. A few cases of beers later and they did what they do best—got naked. They fell asleep in the lounge chairs and were woken up the next day by three cops.

“That was really funny! We didn’t get in trouble, surprisingly,” Merrill explains. The band convinced the cops that they were a country music band and the cops let them off with a warning. “Cops usually like country, so we just roll with that and they just told us to get out of there,” Merrill adds.

Artwork courtesy of the band.

The Nude Party seems to be a band that often gets in scuffs with the authorities. They throw a festival each year called “Nudefest” that usually draws a couple hundred in attendance. It’s two days of music, mayhem, and love that is thrown in their own house in Boone. Merrill admits that the cops often crash it. “One year a kid got tased,” Merrill remembers. “He went to jail that night.”

For a band that seems to fight for their right to party, the writing process is very peaceful. Couture states that it’s very democratic. “Our practice space is in our house,” he explains. “If someone has a cool idea they’ll just hop on an instrument and I’ll hear it from my room.” He admits that almost every song blossoms from a fun and laid-back jam session.

The Nude Party, for the most part, has produced and released everything on their own—they even make their own music videos with some help from friends. Their 7’’ “Hot Tub” has been their only work released through a company, and it was released through a friend’s label called Crystal Pistol Records.

“We don’t really try to get the attention of labels,” Couture declares. “We’re more concerned about touring as much as we can and being as busy as much as we can.”

They’re live shows are a must see! Not only because of the chance you might get to see some nudity, but also because their stage presence is the most fun you’ll ever have. Even as just an onlooker you feel like you’re part of the party that is The Nude Party.

Castillo and Mikita hold down the rhythm section, while Castillo starts to get into a synchronized shoulder shake dance move with Couture shredding the guitar; Mikita is usually the first to start the strip down process that gives the band its name while Magee and Merrill keep the melody catchy that gets the crowd moving. Brose says he’s been called an animal on stage–admitting to feeling like a wild, yet peaceful deer afraid of the highway.

The Nude Party is a band the world needs, and they’re definitely a group of guys that everyone needs as friends. They keep things lighthearted and deep all at the same time. Make sure to follow them on all their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp), to see where they’re headed next. Most importantly, follow them on Snapchat (TheNudeParty69), because that’s where Brose says you can get the closest with what The Nude Party is up to.

“That’s our new most raw and unfiltered outlet of media,” he says.