Acid Dad

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Grab your dad and your drugs, because on this week’s Discovery Corner we’re talking about Acid Dad!

They dwell in the depths of Brooklyn, NY and are starting a new wave of psych-punk like you’ve never heard before. That’s right! In Acid Dad’s singles and EP, “Let’s Plan A Robbery,” you’ll not only hear droned sounds that make you feel like you’re possibly in a hip basement drug den, but it will also make you want to get up and mosh your little heart out!

Acid Dad consists of four rocking guys: Vaughn Hunt and Danny Gomez shredding the guitar, Kevin Walker hitting down hard on the drums, and Sean Fahey laying down the bass—all contributing to vocals.

The band plays shows all around Brooklyn and Manhattan. However, these pretty boys come from all over the U.S.! Kevin is from L.A., Sean is from Minneapolis, Vaughn is from Nashville, TN, and Danny was born in Columbia, but grew up in sunny Miami, FL.

Psych-punk is what came out organically when these guys met. Vaughn explains to BTRtoday about how he grew up in a more garage rock scene listening to punk rock and moshing out so he tries to bring that to the table. The other members explain how they’re more into surf rock or classic rock and roll, like The Rolling Stones or The Doors.

To further explain psych-punk, it’s a mixture of surf-rock, psychedelic rock, and hard cord punk rock—Acid Dad seem to nail this. Imagine The Del Tones, playing with Pink Floyd, and Black Flag, and that’s Acid Dad.

Though this genre fits well for Acid Dad, they say it kind of just happened satirically.

“The psych-punk thing was a joke,” Gomez says, “but then everyone else started using it, so, fuck it.”

These guys know what to take seriously and what to roll with. Hunt explains how their creative writing process happens very organically.

“When we’re writing music we’re all very vocal of what we do or don’t like,” he explains. “So really what we play is very honest and natural.”

Their rocking sound didn’t happen overnight. They all agree that their sound has changed a lot since releasing their first singles and is still very much evolving. “We go with this organic flow of what music we like at the time and what we’re influenced by at the most in that certain time in our musical careers,” Hunt conveys.

Their most recent EP released, entitled “Let’s Plan A Robbery,” is a perfect mixture of satire and sincerity. Hunt confesses that he was very much influenced at the time by the film “Repo Man.” This film is known for its violent scenes, and psychedelic/punk rock music themes. He explains how the album artwork is inspired by a scene in “Repo Man” where the two protagonists are sitting in a car trying to plan a robbery.

“They’re like, ‘let’s do some crime!’ It’s satirical,” he says. “And in ‘Let’s Plan A Robbery’ there’s a lot of themes in the songs of violence… It’s like why not talk about the dirty things?” He adds that Iggy Pop was also a huge influence for the EP, which makes sense seeing he has his face tattooed on the back of his arm.

Their live shows are also a grand combination of silliness and seriousness. They do not mess around with the music–they execute every song beautifully, with perfect synchronizations and catchy melodies. Don’t let that make you think they’re no punk rockers–their stage presences make up for it.

Each of them contributes their own spark of fun liveliness to the shows. Gomez sums up everyone’s stage personalities quite stunningly, actually:

“If you stand by Sean you might get spit at or a bottle kicked at you, if you’re standing by Vaughn you’re trying to really feel the emotion coming out of it all, and Kevin’s in the back playing drums, so he’s got his own persona thing going on.”

Hunt makes sure we know Gomez’s stunts as well. He proclaims, “Watch out! Danny will head butt the fuck out of you if you’re not looking! He’s like a Rhinoceros.”

Gomez explains to us that he feels no shame in being wild on stage.

“I’ve always been into Pete Townsend and Keith Richards and all those guys,” he states. “So I don’t see anything wrong with getting hit by an amp.”

Currently, they’re finishing up a coast-to-coast U.S. tour and intend to work on a full-length album during the summer. They recently played (Le) Poisson Rouge in Manhattan, and will be hitting up Philadelphia sometime in July with the lovely Ron Gallo.

Acid Dad seems to have a love/hate relationship with touring. They all agree that it creates some memorable stories and they make friends in every city they play, but they also confess that things can get kind of crazy when you’re packed in a van for months at a time with the same people.

“Sometimes we end up at a strip club, sometimes we have to drive through the night and watch the sun come up,” Gomez says. “It gets really weird.”

Hunt shares a story about their SXSW showcase with Rachael Ray, the famous cooking show/TV personality. Her husband is in the music scene so she throws a large showcase every year, and one year had invited Acid Dad.

“We got the email and we thought it was a fucking joke,” Hunt explains about their disbelief at the time. However, the show turned out to be a huge success and Ray gave them lots of love on her Twitter page. The thing about that though, is her fan base and Acid Dad’s fan base are quite different. So Acid Dad’s Twitter Handle, Aciddad666 didn’t seem to fly too well with Ray’s audience.”

“There’s all these comments of random fans who like her cooking show who are like, ‘Rachel, what are you doing? We don’t support in the devil!’” Hunt chuckles.

The band confesses to have lots of wild tour stories since their inception about a year and a half ago. Their tour essentials consist of baby wipes, a fancy iPhone car stand, attention-deficit drugs, Pepto-Bismol, and Neil Young.

Make sure to check them out online and on all their social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud) to find out what they’re up to next!

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