Luna Rose

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Say hello to the rambunctious bunch called Luna Rose. The band consists of Hannah Rose on lead vocals and guitar, Samuel Jane on lead guitar, Jo Wagner on backup vocals and drums, and newly added Louis Padilla on bass.

The original trio, Rose, Jane, and Wagner, met one sunny evening in Washington Square Park in the bustling city of NYC. Jane performed handstands while Rose was strumming away.

“She picked up a guitar and started laying down some of her tunes,” Jane tells BTRtoday. I said, ‘oh my god, I’m joining her band and making her do that!’”

They have been inseparable ever since.

“I didn’t really know I was searching to be in a band or anything,” Rose admits. “It kind of just came together seamlessly and I just fell in love with these boys.”

“Platonic love,” Wagner adds.

They work hard to make their music, but they also make sure not to take life too seriously.

On their Facebook page their bio refers to a popular cultural reference: “If you finna, we finna.” It’s a warm welcome that also feels like an open invitation into one of the band’s inside jokes.

The group resonates such harmony and connection.

Rose’s voice sounds classically trained, though she claims that’s not the case. She does admit that her mother is a professional singer who has cast a tremendous influence on her.

“I mean, I would say it’s pretty professional, because she’s an amazing artist and singer,” Rose says. “But she would get mad at me if I said it’s professional.”

Jane and Wagner also confess they have no professional training, though they also play masterfully and share a strong bond with their mothers as well.

“We’re still faking it while we’re making it,” Wagner jokes.

The band is a lighthearted group capable of lightening any conversation.

Rose says their live performances include lots of audience participation, with Wagner constantly cracking jokes–no matter how slow or serious the song gets.

Photo courtesy of John Moran.

“Yeah, Jo’s a very vocal drummer,” Jane sighs with laughter.

“Yeah, I’m really bad at shutting up,” Wagner adds. “Sometimes I’ll rant in the middle of the show.”

Right now, most of their favorite songs to play on stage are unreleased, though demos are currently in the making.

The band unanimously agrees that the current demo “Rib Cage” is their favorite song to play live.

It flows along nicely, with a three-part harmony and a sexy yet heartfelt feel to it. However, it’s not released anywhere so you have to go to a live show to experience it.

Though they’ve been friends for a few years now, Luna Rose is a relatively new band. Rose tells us that she was working on her own music before, but after coming together with the boys it all changed. She brought her lyrics to them in the form of acoustic-folk sounds and they worked off of that.

“Essentially, Hannah gave us the rudimentary–the protein if you will,” Wagner explains. “Sam and I took some berries, popped the protein and some berries in a blender, blended it up, pureed it, and now we just have song.”

The band has made a switch similar to that of Bob Dylan, and they are very excited about it. The boys pushed the Telecaster on Rose, which she loves, and now she’s gone electric.

They admit to starting off with a slower, acoustic based sound, but now they have a completely new dynamic.

The songs they are recording demos for now are the first batch of songs that include lyrics in the creative writing process.

Photo courtesy of the band.

“Hannah came to us with relatively complete songs,” Jane admits, “and now we’re just starting from three people. We’re creatively doing something from the foundation and it’s a lot of fun!”

The band agrees that the discovery and development of their new sound has been a blast and they feel they are on the right path.

“It’s been fun trying different things,” Rose conveys. “The songs we’re writing now, they have a specific sound, but they’re all different from each other. We’re figuring out where we want to go from that.”

Luna Rose explains the writing process to one of their new songs that they are working on entitled “Buttons,” that was created because Rose broke a string on her guitar and they decided to just go with it.

“She was going to buy another string before we started writing again,” Wagner narrates, “but I said, ‘hell no!’ and we just wrote that out of our scripts.”

Their EP “Radio Silence” is filled with touching lyrics that take you on an emotional ride that is so relatable it will make you want to cry. Get ready to feel loved, lost, confused, happy, overwhelmed, and excited all at once.

The album artwork is not only aesthetically beautiful, it’s also oozing with sentimental value to the band. It was created by Rose herself one day while sitting at Washington Square Park with her moleskin playing with watercolors.

The figure in the middle was inspired by a ring from Rose’s grandmother, and the text was created by Rose’s little sister.

The band is directing their attention towards creating a full-length album. So no road tour for them at the moment, though they will be playing around NYC.

Though Rose resides in Manhattan, the rest of the band can be found in Brooklyn, and they admit to preferring the borough better. They’ll be playing at The Delancey, in Brooklyn, on March 19th.

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