The Milestones

Not to be confused with The Milestones from Finland or Pakistan, the Maryland quartet has recently found its way onto the Baltimore circuit.

They formed in Germantown, but soon after stumbled upon a scene 30 minutes north in colonial Frederick. Limited to a handful of cafes and bars on the city’s main street, they branched out in hopes of reaching a wider audience. Recently, they moved to Baltimore, making the rounds at various concert venues and occasionally trickling into DC and Virginia’s circle of musicians as well.

The Milestones–self-proclaimed indie-dance rockers looking for cheap thrills and parlor tricks–consists of high school friends Alexander Wandres, Christopher Metz, Tyler Hayes, and John Love.
In the last year, the band has undergone a few lineup changes, but the current members have been playing together for just over a month now.

Upon first listen, the band shares a striking resemblance to Kings of Leon–a comparison which they hear often. As expected, the foursome draws significant influence from the southern rockers, mimicking their alternative and bluesy sound. Aside from their obvious inspirations, the members of The Milestones possess varying tastes that present themselves across their discography.

Vocalist and guitarist Wandres pulls influence from The Strokes, while Metz calls upon techniques from ambient rock bands like Explosions in the Sky and punk bands like Taking Back Sunday and Blink 182. This eclectic mix of music shines through on the band’s latest release, “Honey,” a four track EP written over the course of several months.

With their sophomore effort, The Milestones sought to create music representative of their diverse tastes without alienating their audience. They wanted to piece together a collection of songs that anybody could relate to and enjoy. Compared to their first EP, “Honey” highlights the band’s maturity as musicians. Tapping more into their classic rock and alternative sensibilities, The Milestones give their listeners a record that feels complete and thoughtful.

In its final form, the EP highlights the band’s musical progression, showcasing their intricate songwriting prowess and ability to create a warm and inviting sound that spans genres. “Honey” highlights the band’s maturity, and sees The Milestones tapping into the classic rock and alternative cannons.

In terms of sound, the four songs range in style, starting with a punk track and then seamlessly flowing into a ballad. Despite the variation in direction, The Milestones manage to find consistency in their lyrical themes; most songs focus on interpersonal relationships, usually with a hint of melancholia thrown into the mix. Whether driven by heartbreak or fueled by friendship, their lyrics touch on the inevitable aspects of adulthood, a landscape of life that the four seem to tread through with an admirable assertiveness and ambition.

Although “Honey,” has only just recently been introduced to the public, The Milestones plan to head back into the studio to record a new track, which they expect to release as a single in the coming months. In the meantime, they’re dedicating as much time as possible to playing local shows and establishing a name for themselves in the Baltimore area.

The group is also sharing their work with record labels, and they hope to find a home for their songs soon. Looking forward, they intend to drive north and play a string of east coast dates in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

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