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If indie rock had a seductive Spanish lover, it would assuredly be the melodies of Verdeluna. The young Latin songstress (whose name means “green moon” in Spanish) straddles the worlds of ethnic amour and hipster cool through both her eclectic taste in style, and her faultless musical synthesis of Baroque pop and Mexican guitar. She’s a vixen who taunts, yet remains elusive. She may decide to dress in clashing colors, or she may opt for something monochromatic. Accordingly, rather than acting on a plan, her music adheres to a similarly impulsive and introspective alchemy. Like all savvy temptresses, Verdeluna draws curiosity through flirtation and tenacity, but prefers to elaborate more intimately in the simple hymns of her enchanting musical works. Every piece speaks to something deeper inside, her every move a whimsical inclination.

Originally from Peru, Verdeluna’s music is inspired by the folklore of her native lands, an attempt to explore modern ideology via ancient apparatus and theory. She grew up singing with her family before immigrating to the States at the age of ten. The first stop for this budding songstress was sunny California, where the she finished her growing up years, and began her first official career in the business, as director of a local choir in Orange County. The choir focused their work on amalgamating the influence of Mexico’s nearby border with the Western rock tongue of the Golden Coast. The result was a unity of cultures, which became prototype for Verdeluna’s trademark artistic form. Later, when routine and homogeny gave way to inquisition, Verdeluna set her sights on the city, moving to New York in 2006 where she is currently based. Lured by cosmopolitan fashion, the rush of contradiction, and the ultimate platform for opportunity, she capitalized on the city’s forum for experimentation, utilizing it in her continuing search to fuse international ethos within her music.

Don’t be expecting the next Shakira or Jennifer Lopez, however. Verdeluna’s style of music is more comparable to an alternative pop rock group like the Cranberries. A reflection of her American influences and Latin legacy, Verdeluna has credited her creative influences to bands like “The Bandshees, Aerolineas Federales, Sui Generis, The Beatles and Velvet Underground.” The most uptempo she gets is a song like “Da Cabezo,” initiated by the beat of clapping hands, but carried along steadily with a simple guitar riff and warm, mature vocal arrangements. As a classically trained pianist and flutist, no track is overwhelmingly a spotlight for one particular sound. Some tracks offer a bit more electric guitar or percussive instrumentation, but most are an effort of solidarity on all parts of the composition, and an endeavor to explore a variety of genres. Ironically, her most feminine piece is a song called “Amigos,” which comes with a trip hop alter ego remixed version, produced by a local DJ. Verdeluna even takes a turn towards Latin techno with the song, “Cute Dragon,” her only track with an English title though still sung in Spanish.

Look for this rising Peruvian rocker in clubs around New York with an acoustic guitar in her hand. She’ll either be sporting hot pink leggings or all black everything, but most certainly donning luscious red lips. Verdeluna is a hidden jewel in a melting pot of imaginative surprise, thus any moment may be her turn to take the stage. Now hard at work on her first LP, she plans to release an album early next year.

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