Kate Elsworth


Exacta and Kate Elsworth Promo Photo

Whereas many newcomers to the dance world work the underground circuit for years, hustling mixtapes and spinning in friends’ basements, Kate Elsworth, an emerging artist from Australia, started right at the top. She’s headlining parties in Ibiza and at Pacha NY – two rites of passage in the worldwide rave community – and she’s working with Dirty South, a hop topic producer and remixer, also from the land down under, whose already got a Grammy award under his belt. Furthermore, she’s as vogue as she is talented, looking more like she belongs on a runway than behind a DJ booth. Her beach-bronzed and toned silhouette accompanied by her designer wardrobe, make it no surprise Elsworth is making an immediate splash on the scene.

To understand the spans of her escalating global presence, just check out her Twitter stream over the past few months and it’s obvious how everywhere she really is, frequently moving across all borders and coasts:

@kateelsworth is Djing at Amnesia in Ibiza next Wednesday 17.08.11 main room from 3-5am. Apparently its a foam party… Cos they know how i froth : )

@kateelsworth is looking forward to playing in Germany tonight.

@kateelsworth Luciano was amazing at pacha on Sunday followed by him playing at our villa for the after party was extraordinary! : )

@kateelsworth Back in London… Ibiza you’ve been amazing. : )

@kateelsworth Off to New York. Looking forward to getting in the studio : ))

@kateelsworth New York you’ve been wonderfully productive! Thank u to all those involved ; ) Costa Rica bound and three dayz from Sydney.

@kateelsworth Gig @ Home from 12-3am then straight to the airport flight to my favourite destination Sydney. Cant wait to see my crew and the fam. Perfect

@kateelsworth Looking forward to playing in Melbourne tomorrow night. A city i havent explored yet ; )

While her current steam rises from the turntables, Elworth’s fascination with DJ culture is actually a more recent pursuit. Her beginnings in the music business were as a jazz singer and songwriter, working on music for artists like Emma Bunton of the Spice Girls and French Idol winner, Christophe Willem. As a fan, however, she was into the European electronic scene, and after hitting the network for many years, felt inspired enough to try it on her own. The newfound love and years of work culminated in an explosive debut this year, releasing the track “Alive” with Dirty South and touring with Enrique Iglesias.

Now based in London, Elsworth is constantly on the go. She’ll be a highly watched figure at 2012’s Winter Music Conference in Miami, and, also according to her Twitter account, there’s rumor of an upcoming creative partnership with prolific American DJ, Roger Sanchez. Sanchez has worked with everyone from No Doubt to Daft Punk to The Police, and has become a stalwart in the dance world for his ability to catapult artists into the limelight. For a rising star like Elsworth, such an opportunity could be final catalyst to the top.

Presumably though, to dominate any industry in music, an artist must make her mark in the U.S. as well. Though Americans are not necessarily known for being ahead of the electronic curve, the mounting interest in beat culture has given birth to a explosive new scene in this country, which many international artists have been tapping into with fury. Accordingly, Elworth now spends a month in New York every October, working with her producer and business partner, Exacta. Noting the value of this change in pace, Elworth states in her bio, “I’m so inspired by New York. It’s such a unique fusion of art, fashion and music cultures; each entwined with one another producing an authentic spirit for musicians like myself. I’m forever trying to spend more time there.”

So you see, Elsworth is everywhere, her music climbing charts as fast as her jet-setting moves brings her from one club to the next. True to form, she is a dance artist who can be seen as much as she’s heard, and if she’s outdoes herself next year, she will be infusing dance halls in the world over twice.