- Stefano Noferini


Photo from http://www.stefanonoferini.it.

As a jet-setting DJ with expertise in the most magnetic shades of house music, Italian artist Stefano Noferini knows the international club circuit well.

“The best parties have been El Row in Barcelona, Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Bleu Club in Mexico City, Paradise Club in Pereira (Colombia), Danceteria in Helsinki,” he says in an interview with WE LIKE in April. “But this is only a little selection of some of the best parties that I’ve played over the last year.

Constantly on tour, his Twitter page reads like a play-by-play of world-touting amusement.

“Me at Octopus Recordings off Sonar beach 2012 last Saturday in Barcelona, really nice party :),” he tweets on June 18.

“Playing @ Isle of Summer, Praterinsel, Munich Germany,” he writes on June 9..

And two days prior, “Playing @ Vista Club, Privilege Ibiza Spain.”

Before that it was Miami, Vancouver, and Florence.

Noferini seems to have scored the job of a lifetime, yet his good fortune follows years of persistent work and dedication to mastering the art of the playlist, building his brand as a DJ in the clubs, and on the radio as well.

He tells WE LIKE, “My first EP was in 1993 on UMM records so 19 years have passed since… In all that time, much has changed. Compared to 10 years ago, we have a lot of new tracks everyday, and often not of high quality. This is because today it is very fast and easy to make a track.”

Born in Italy, Noferini focused his attention on house music, his goal set on “innovating sounds and crossing into a broad range of genres,” as noted in his bio. After making a name for himself in the club scene across his home territory, the artist was offered a gig hosting a national radio program, called “Club Edition,” and from there, crossed borders to bring his dynamic sets, image, and beats abroad. He’s now a top seller on Beatport, named “Breakout Artist of the Year” in 2010, and nominated as “Artist of the Year” in 2011, and spins everywhere from Bulgaria to Canada.

Noferini’s sound consists of a blend of steady rhythms mashed with often psychotic, enchanting builds of techno sequences and dubbed vocals. A clash of repetition, reverb and spontaneity, it’s music suited for drinking martinis underneath a palm tree on the Brazilian coastline as well as dancing until sunrise in a crowded dive bar in the hills of Barcelona. In recent years, the DJ has bridged his standard chord with a shade of pop seasoning, spinning Pitbull, Shakira, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé into the mix, and garnering a number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance chart with the song “Push ‘N’ Pull.”

Released June 16, Noferini’s latest work is a two-track EP titled, Refusal, available via Beatport. It’s part of a series of records he’s put out over the past few months, keeping the new work moving as often as he packs his suitcase to hit hot spots around the globe. The end of June will bring him to Slovenia, Ireland and Spain, and then it’s a few more quick runs around Europe before coming to the States.

Nevertheless, when time comes to a momentary pause for the record wunderkind, his routine life appears also alluring. He works out of a personal studio, “in Scarperia, a beautiful part of Italy near Florence,” according to TrackItDown.com, and despite the globe trotting, he maintains a steady personal life.

“A lot of events helped my career,” Noferini remarks to the site last October. “First of all the support of my family in the 80’s. Then a very important event for me was meeting my manager and actually my girlfriend; this happened 12 years ago. Last and most important, I changed all the people that worked with me about six years ago. The new staff are wonderful and Andrea the new sound engineer is perfect for me. I realized that this was my job for life 12 years ago.”

In his retrograde hours, he adds that he spends time enjoying, “Good food, relaxing when I can with my family, my friends and my cat… Oops I forgot my X-Box.”