Slow Magic


Album art from the album Triangle by Slow Magic.

Imaginary pop. Dream wave. Electronic glo-fi. Enter Slow Magic.

Described as “music for your imaginary friend,” this solo artist with no apparent identity, few spoken words, and a growing body of hypnotic trance compositions dares you to create him and his narrative within your mind. Listen to the music, imagine, go where you will; the emerging artist will tell you little else besides what comes forth from his percussion board.

Like the score to a Danny Boyle film, Slow Magic steals the alluring sound of Moby’s reverie, adds international strands and tells a story with no lyrics at all. His latest EP, Triangle was released in April, an eight-track LP with music to guide or initiate an adventure. It’s mostly instrumental, sometimes with reverberating vocals steering the hook, sometimes paired with a mish mash of words and beats. The songs can be a complete novelty, or a remix, or a clash between the two. A video preview of the record was released in March ahead of the music, and displayed a short clip of two foreign men stumbling across some bones in the woods. Shortly after, they are chased by a man-beast, a creature that flashes back and forth from the more carnal woods setting to suburbia, where he runs through a parking lot in a costume.

No explanation provided.

On stage, Slow Magic wears a colored mask in the shape of a fox’s head. There are holes punched out of the cardboard for eyes and a tapestry draped behind him so no one sees in, and only he can understand what’s before him. While performing, he stands behind a drum, working double time to coordinate the live sound of his beat with the synthesized production equipment that bridges his music into the other realm. He’s like deadmau5, but he’s not a DJ – something else. Something even more secretive.

That’s all that’s known.

Even through social outlets Slow Magic divulges little else about his character, other than perhaps a few hints at what’s to come with his music.

“just wrote a to do list of current remixes/collaborations,” Slow Magic posted on Facebook July 13, “includes Poolside Music, teen daze, The One AM Radio, xxyyxx, Satellite Stories, Steffaloo, Stumbleine, Sister Cities, StaG, Humans, Feel Study. Time to get to work. ”

After touring with the San Francisco-based electronic pop act Tycho throughout the states for the majority of July, Slow Magic will next take on Europe, beginning in the UK in September then verging onward to Germany.

We don’t know is name- or where he’s from. However, BTR was able to get to know the artist behind the moniker via an email Q&A. Check it out below.

BTR: Slow Magic is music by my “imaginary friend” – What’s my friend like and how did I meet him? Why do you want to build a mystique about you?

Slow Magic: You always knew me. Slow Magic is the songs you hum to yourself in your head.

When the project started I wanted to create something that forced people to focus on the music instead of a face or a location.

BTR: What’s the first thing you do when you’re about to create a song?

Slow Magic: It always is a different process. Most times I will start with a beat and a feeling and build it from there. I play everything by ear, so whatever sounds like it should be in the song is what stays in there.

BTR: You’re heading to Europe soon – will this be the first time around or what are you hoping to make out of this tour?

Slow Magic: I did a month and a half tour of Europe with Selebrities (Brooklyn) back in February and March of this year that went really well. This upcoming tour is based around the Dockville Festival in Hamburg in which I am very excited to play. I’m hoping to play for a few people that have not heard me before and also to see some new and old friends.

BTR: You describe your music as dreamwave… maybe dream hop – what do you dream about exactly?

Slow Magic: Most of the time my dreams are very abstract and confusing. By the time I wake up it is usually hard to really communicate what happened in them. The feelings and moods of life and dreams are what inspire my music a lot of the time though. And I hope that the songs I make can inspire people to dream, while awake or asleep.

BTR: Your music would make a great movie score – would you consider working on a film? What director do you think would make a good match for your work?

Slow Magic: I would definitely love to score a movie and am hoping to in the future. While I’m not sure if it would be a perfect match, Wes Anderson and Michel Gondry are my favorite directors.

BTR: What’s your greatest challenge in life?

Slow Magic: Time.

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