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This week’s BreakThru Radio Discovery Artist is bringing back honest, emotion fueled, radio ready pop punk. Allison Weiss is a young, fresh guitarist whose straight-to-the-point songs immediately make you feel the angst and sorrow of those adolescent years. In fact, the whole reason Weiss started making music was for a crush. Something many of us attempted (perhaps not so successfully) in our high school days. However, we can all be glad that Weiss succeeded because the music she’s been making since 2005 is the definition of “heartbroken folk soloist gets a full band and pumps up her sound.”

“For a very short period of time when I started playing I had a good friend of mine on vocals. He did more of the signing and I did harmonies,” says Allison. “Then I started writing songs but they were mostly about him and I couldn’t let him sing those songs, it just got a little awkward. It was a security thing to have someone on stage with me, and it was those open mics that taught me how to be in front of an audience.”

Not to downgrade her acoustic work; when she does get a chance to play solo, it’s poignant and refreshing from a singer/songwriter type. But for the general goal of her sound, it would make sense that playing with a full band is more exciting.

“It’s just so much more fun. These songs are so dynamic, they really need that full backing,” she admits. “I started playing music because I love pop punk and being loud and having energy so that’s what my songs are supposed to sound like and I want to deliver that.”

Allison goes above and beyond just delivering energy in her shows. She connects with her fans using social media platforms to a degree that most musicians don’t think is necessary. Then again, most musicians didn’t make a full-length album entirely funded by fans on Kickstarter, and meet their goal in less than 10 hours. Allison more than tripled the amount of money she needed to make her EP in the time she allotted to raise it, which allowed her to turn that EP into a full-length, called …Was Right All Along. Who did it all come from? Her avid Twitter followers and Facebook friends, and all her other connections across many platforms.

“My Internet presence is 100% honest. I’ve been using it since I was a kid and it’s not a weird thing to log my life on tumblr or post a pic to Twitter. I think honesty probably draws people in, it’s not all just ‘buy my record come to my show etcetera,’ I wanna keep a record for myself too,” Allison says of her online popularity.

Moving from Atlanta to Brooklyn last year didn’t change much for Weiss, except that her fan base about doubled, and this time it was thanks to her tactful withholding of live performances. Though she’s an indie NYC favorite, she doesn’t want to oversaturate the market by playing every bar every weekend.

“It’s more special when people don’t know what I’m going to play and it’s like ‘oh, I haven’t seen her in so long,’ but if I play every night it’s more like ‘oh, I can skip this show.’ I try to play New York every couple months, get people excited and put together a good line up.”

Truly an innovator and leader in fan management and relationships, Allison won’t be holding out on her rockin’ live performances for long. She’s preparing for an intense fall tour that will take her around the country, stopping in NYC August 24th at the Highline Ballroom.

Also coming up for this blossoming pop-punker, a new EP with remixes of two tracks from her first full length and a second album called I Am An Island just around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for Allison Weiss, as it’s clear from her songs and exponentially growing fan base that she will not be stopped.

Written by: Carly Shields

Song Of Hope by allisonweiss