Photo by Jordana Fischer.

“What I’ve been going more and more towards is to really focus on the positive energy of things,” says Adrian Fischer, the man behind the music of FlyinFisch. “And how much I can generate with a positive outlook through my music.”

On that note, the Latin alt-reggae act also observes to BTR, negativity can always be overcome by optimism. “Not to completely avoid important topics, but to approach it from the standpoint there’s always a good possibility, and if we work we can get there. If we keep dreaming, and, you know, keep the energy right in our mind, we can be more constructive. [We can] have a better time and a more fun planet to live on if we work from that angle. That’s my main source energy.”

Fischer has seen the world and then some at an early age, and brings the divergence of peace and struggle he’s observed together through his passion for positivity. He grew up in Caracas, Venezuela, where most of his family still lives, but left at the age of 21 due to a lack of opportunities and the escalating violence in his community. Though not tied to one source, the singer describes the security situation as “dangerous,” a threat to his life that he wasn’t willing to entertain. He cites among the recurring offenses, “kidnappings, assaults, robberies, guns in nightclubs, and hijacking in your cars.”

“The man that’s been in charge for the last 12 years or so – it’s just gotten worse and worse,” Fischer explains. “There’s way too many guns in the streets, and you know, not a lot of jobs – a lot of unemployment and that leads to all kinds of problems.”

Resolutely, Fischer challenges the ignorance and hatred he finds around him with a message of inspiration – that good is somewhere to be found, and that, through music and high spirits, life can be almost that simple. As an ardent follower of the late, great Bob Marley, Fischer has picked up many of the icon’s spirited anecdotes along with his style of music. The young talent currently resides in Connecticut, just outside New York City, where he works, by day, on a farm and promotes sustainable agriculture. By night, he jams on a keyboard, bridging funk and rock rhythms into one cohesive sound while still inhabiting his Latin roots and reggae influencers.

And, like Marley, his message remains embedded in a higher place.

“I’ve always been interested in how people feel, and world affairs, and what’s going on,” Fischer remarks. “I’ve always been overly aware and became so saturated and intense about it. I feel that there’s so much suffering and pain going on, and people not doing much about it. If I can do my tiny little part through my music, and whatever messages and vibes I put out are positive. [It is] stemming from being aware of how many people are in bad situations, and how they get to that stage.”

Fischer’s latest album, Always Dreaming, was released in May, and he’s since been working to promote the record by playing live shows with his band. The collection marks a thematic ascent towards utopia – a world where love comes first, and everything else is second. In his mind, it’s a “world where we can do what we set ourselves out to do, where people work hard at getting along with one another.”

He adds, “I dream of a place where we care about each other more, where people are responsible, where we can have a little bit more sweet time and not always work.”

But alas, work we must, and, as Fischer admits, he has been diligently on task bringing his music as far as the imagination can stretch in order to build a fan base. FlyinFisch will perform for the first time in Boston coming up this fall, and there will also be a series of regional shows surrounding it. Furthermore, the act will be releasing a new music video in the coming month, and begin work on a follow-up album thereafter.

Keeping Fischer motivated is the wisdom he says we all inherit on a day-to-day basis, and the hope and ideas sparked by those who listen to the world around them.

“Whatever situation that I get into or I find myself, I think that I try to view it in a way that I’m more in control of my own destiny than outside sources. And that creates a lot more happiness for me,” Fischer comments. “It makes me feel that I’m more in control in my life, which is a small part in the whole scheme of the planet. But if I can feel I’m in control of my life, everything that I do seems to come out better…I can do a better job at everything than I’m doing whether it’s working on a farm…or working on my music, or just having a simple conversation with somebody.”

Amen, sir.

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