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“I want to not sleep in my bed for more than 100 nights this year,” said Fundimensionals percussionist Aaron Hagele. Well, thanks to their recent success in and around NYC, he may actually get his wish.

Fundimensionals (no ‘the’) are a six-piece cast of talented musicians who can’t quite be pinned into one scene; they pull from every corner of the musical realm. The group finds influence in everyone from Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Pink Floyd to Frank Zappa, Alice In Chains, and Porcupine Tree. Fundimensionals combine these influences with elements of classical orchestration and jazz stylings, to create a musical journey that has yet to been taken by any band in any genre. Their unique and impressive sound is a melding of rock into untz, adding in a dash of wind chimes and bongos, layering in skillfully synthesized guitar licks, and finished off with a sprinkling of technically impressive keyboard riffs.

The band formed when, after meeting during a college course, guitarist Alex Sciortino and drummer Carter Burgess decided they “should get something musical going”. Burgess put out a Craigslist and found bassist turned stage manager Russell Starkey. Russ used the same method to hook up with guitarist Ben Malmed and sound effects/percussive master Aaron Hagele. When Sciortino was caught in a Sound Tribe Sector 9 shirt by pianist Brandon Goodman, the band became nearly complete. Finally, after a couple of bass player changes, they finally stuck with long-time friend and fan Dan Cohen.

“I had been pouring myself into the industry,” said Malmed, “playing with anyone who I thought might actually make it and when we found this combination something just clicked.”

They were on the brink of spending too much time jamming in the basement when Malmed pushed to play guitar and started to give some serious direction to songs that were naturally forming. Though they didn’t know exactly what sound they were going for, their different styles, interests and strengths started to come together enough in their own right that the band decided it was time to really go for it. Not yet a year old and having just decided on the name ‘Fundimensionals’ over ‘Moon Rockers’ or ‘Kinetics’, the band went into the studio with Grammy-award winning master producer David Kutch to lay down ten solid and exciting tracks to kick off their career. There self-titled, debut album was born and with titles like “Bugless Brunch,” “Spiritual Lines” and “The Dragon” it was hard to ignore this fresh new take on music.

Next, Fundimensionals started a consistent show circuit around Manhattan and their home area of Northern Westchester, NY. They were playing at recognized venues like National Underground, The Bitter End, and Sullivan Hall. It was their live performance that really grabbed people’s attention, taking improvisational music to another level and extending songs into each other, creating entirely new songs on stage. They went on to be billed with icons such as Keller Williams, Conspirator featuring Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner, and Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kruetzmann. Summer of 2011 saw their first festival appearance and now, barely a full year after the release of their debut studio effort, Fundis (as they are affectionately called by their fans) are going in for round two.

“We’ve evolved so far from where we were when we recorded that first album. After the millionth and first time of listening to it, I couldn’t do it anymore, the songs are so different now and have changed so much,” said Goodman. “This next album will be a statement of how far we’ve come in the past year, not only together but also as individual musicians.”

Fundimensionals expect the new album to be ready in time for a summer tour.

“Our sound has definitely been a lot more solid lately and those five-days we spent in the studio were great, the creativity was flowing,” said Cohen. “I mean I did feel a sense of auditory delirium but we were playing so spot on that I think this new record is gonna be just what we need.”

As they slowly but surely climb the rungs of the music landscape, watch out for Fundimensionals who will ideally be touring at least 265-days this year.

Be sure to catch Fundimensionals during their  winter tour dates and listen to BTR for music from the band, all week long!