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Some musicians unveil the man behind the mask as soon as they exit the stage; others prefer to hide behind the captivating obscurity of their artistry. A band like Hookworms, well, they are pretty much just obscure. This young, British techno-rock group is something like The Clash and Zeppelin, altered with beats by Chromeo. They’re an unassuming brood of audiophiles, representative of a decadent throwback to grunge royalty, and respective tribute to relics of the past music industry.

Described as ‘psychedelic garage-rock,’ these five guys from Leeds, United Kingdom, who only go by their initials, refuse to divulge information. Rather, they prefer to play on secrets of their personal identity and scatter any generalizations associated with their musical forte. Their debut work, a self-titled EP, was released last year on cassette tape, a format they staunchly believe should stick around due to the quality of its playback (really, though?). Of course, you can also find their music on the usual host of 21st century staples: Bandcamp, iTunes, and the likes. As for when a full-length offering might come around, mum’s the word. They hear no evil, speak no evil, and fancy sarcasm to direct response.

However their character unfolds, Hookworms could be the start of a new resurgence towards the punk days of yore, a return to brash vocals, ten minute long guitar solos, and epic compositions made while strung out on ‘shrooms, a la Pink Floyd’s sonic extravagance. Currently, they’re jamming around the UK, but as soon as the wave catches on, there may be insect air balloons flying over stages around the world.

Check out BTR’s recent interview with Hookworms’ bassist, an artist who will only be known as ‘MJ.’

BTR: How did you guys come together and how many Hookworms are there?

MJ: There are five members of our band: MB, EG, MJ, SS and JW. We met socially and remain sociable.

BTR: What’s the sentiment like between Leeds and other English towns? Does the taste in music differ across the country?

MJ: I’m sure that taste in music differs across every human being and not just socio-economic/political divides.

BTR: What’s an average day like for the Hookworms?

MJ: Approximately 24 hours long.

BTR: What do you consider to be the core of your music?

MJ: Mechanical longitudinal waves.

BTR: Do you anticipate superstardom in your future? Whose career would you most like to emulate?

MJ: No. I have no wish to live someone else’s life.

BTR: What kind of shoes do you generally wear?

MJ: UK Size Ten.

BTR: How would you describe your music – do you believe in genres?

MJ: I wrote an essay length response to this question, but my computer crashed and it was lost. I’m sorry but I don’t have the will to produce it again.

BTR: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

MJ: Aim high:


BTR: Five most important items in your refrigerator?

MJ: Compressor, Expansion Valve, Refrigerant, External Heat Exchange Pipes and Internal Heat Exchange Pipes.

BTR: If you could endorse any brand with your music, what would it be?

MJ: Jo Brand

BTR: What’s the MJ stand for?

MJ: Military Justice

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