Anda Adams


Album art from Panda Madam.

Part gladiator, part dominatrix, and one wholly fantastic musician, Romanian world artist Anda Adam brings new life to the realm of dance and pop music, adding international flair to pulsing syncopation’s in a return to the days of disco.

Born in Bucharest, the curvaceous and fabulous Adam launched her career locally, earning the support of TV, radio and press with her first album, Marius, released several years ago. She’s put out a handful of records since, but it wasn’t until her single, “Love on You,” described in her bio as a “combination of dance/club with oriental style,” that she finally took her name beyond native borders. The track made its way on radio charts and stations around the world at the beginning of 2010, and shortly thereafter, Adam was signed to Roton Records, a Warner Music affiliate in Romania.

As a burgeoning world artist, Adam appears to be innately aware of her role. Her recent video for the track “Panda Madam,” a record that came out in late 2011, was filmed on five continents, and represents a cultural semblance, which Adam says reflects two messages: racial tolerance, and unity through music and dance. In the video, she serves as the pilot of a very risqué jet, traversing countries over the world, from Angola to Arizona, Australia to China, Spain to Morocco. The musician is, of course, flanked by a team of female cadets, scantily-clad and high off the breeze of music. Chanting to “shake it like a panda bear,” it’s a flashing of tits and ass, and a collaborative rumba with monks and surfer boys alike.

(Side note – are panda bears really known for their rhythm?)

Regardless, Adam’s ode epitomizes the idea of a beat and tinge that translates into every scene, locale and nation. It’s perfectly tailored for an international dance artist who seems as comfortable flaunting it on graffiti-hued streets as she does in a Buddhist temple. In fact, she hasn’t let music be her only force majeure, as she also participated in Romania’s take of Dancing with the Stars, a television show created by PRO TV.

This year, Adam is moving it further beyond borders, working with Portuguese DJ Kourosh Tazmini on her new song and video “Can U Feel Love.” The style of the track is more seductive and smooth than her others, and the video is filmed on a sprawling coast, with Adam longing for romance, as she takes her passion to the sea in a sailboat.

“A special world for you and me, I cannot see. Hold me tight, feel me right, you’ll have my love for free. Day by day, night by night, I dream of you,” she sings. “Can you feel in the air? That’s love.”

Whether the vibe is upbeat, passionate, aching or encouraging, Adam exudes sex appeal and adds it to the mesmerizing tone of her sound.

Check out Anda Adam’s video for “Can U Feel Love” below!