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Enough of those 2000-era emo music inspired indie groups. Sure, we all love to whine about our problems, but the fact of the matter is, it’s just not a healthy habit. We need something that’ll lift our spirits and make us carry ourselves with the confidence of someone like Prince or Rick James!

Cue Boulevards.

Jamil Rashad is Boulevards, the grand master funk and R&B god that puts out the tunes that’ll make you swing your hips like never before. Trust us when we say—Oh. My. God.

His music is a breath of fresh air that this era has been begging for. With the absurdity of the presidential race, international and national terror attacks, and the blatant unfairness of our society, Boulevards provides an escape for his listeners.

Not only does his sound have the power to induce some serious body movement, but his live performance will also light up your heart and will for sure make you sweat.

No more nostalgic gazes into a black abyss! Get out those dancing shoes, put on your favorite outfit, and get ready to feel sexy. His soul trains will have you whipping out moves on the dance floor that you didn’t even know you had in you!

Boulevards is not just a ball of energy and sex appeal, he’s also a very well rounded musician. He didn’t just jump right into funk; he actually also dabbled in some emo, metal, and even hardcore punk bands. His father was a DJ of a radio station in North Caroline, and while growing up he would bring Boulevards CDs of jazz and funk—obviously that resonated in Boulevards’ heart the strongest.

Though he admits that his time spent with other music genres still have an influence on his creative process, funk is his true passion. “I just want people to have fun and feel sexy,” he tells BTRtoday. “You don’t really have the environment with just feel-good dance music anymore, and I feel like people want that, especially with all the craziness that’s going on in the world right now—people just want to get lost and have fun and feel sexy and feel good.”

Tracks like “Move And Shout” and “Set The Tone” aren’t messing around. Their funky melody, catchy beat, and smooth vocals go inside you like a drug and you can’t even help but jump up and have a good time. Then there are tracks like “Forgot To Mention” and “Up On Your Love,” with their racy lyrics and hot vibes, that’ll make you feel like the sexiest person alive.

“Only a fool would give up on your love; I can’t wait to get up on your love,” Boulevards sings with his sultry voice, and you can’t help but swoon.

He has been Boulevards for around four years now, and has been signed to Captured Tracks for a year.

At first Boulevards was supposed to be a side project. However, that ended up being short lived, but the name seemed to stick. He explains that he likes the definition of being lanes and/or a highway, because this is his lane to express his music and pursue his dreams. After a female friend of his said the word with such sex appeal and confidence, he fell in love with the name and he became Boulevards.

Boulevards states, quiet frankly, that he embraces the style of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s because that was the, “no-fucks-given era.”

“The love back then and people just going out to have fun…[they] just wanted to go out and really dance—that’s what they looked forward to throughout the whole week,” he describes about the time when disco controlled the clubs and dancing was food for the soul.

His aesthetic also reflects this era—with gold chains and v-neck t-shirts. Boulevards admits that he tries his best to avoid trends. “Classic to me is timeless, it never goes away,” he says. His dad was also a classic man, usually found wearing a leather jacket, with a gold chain some denim jeans, and a clean pair of boots.

Something that Boulevards read in the past seemed to stick with him throughout his entire life and greatly influences his style; he read that successful people in life tend to dress consistently and have a steady style. Strange, because when you think about it, it’s quite blatantly true. Boulevards use examples of JFK and Frank Sinatra—with their classic suit and tie style. It’s true; people who are now household names rock a consistent style.

Before he was signed, he self-released an EP that he toys with the idea of re-releasing. However, currently he’s working on his second LP and concentrating on playing live shows. “Hopefully, by the graces of god, it’ll be out by next year,” Boulevards chuckles about the new record.

He admits that this time around he aims for the album to be more personal, hitting a more intimate side of his self-expression. However, he assures it will still make people want to dance and feel good and not lose the true characteristics of funk and boogie.

Boulevards has high expectations for the upcoming year. “There are a lot of things that have shaped up this year for me to have a really productive next year, so I’m really looking forward to that,” he says. He also adds that there are currently some big show announcements that are brewing up that he can’t elaborate on, but is really excited about them.

Nonetheless, he was able to shine light on his upcoming show with Young Thug, which he believes will be the largest show he’s ever played for in his career so far.

He will also be playing multiple show in his current hometown of NYC. “Bringing that funk to New York, bringing that groove—people need it in NY,” he tells BTRtoday. On September 6th, at (Le) Poisson Rouge, he will be playing with TEEN and Midnight Magic—Boulevards guarantees it will be one huge sexy funk party.
[(Le) Poisson Rouge;]

Make sure to check him out on all his social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to keep up-to-date on where he’s bringing the party to next and what he’s cookin’ up.