Dirty Fences

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Meet Dirty Fences—a band that’ll transport you back to the heydays of punk rock and garage bands. These guys know how to have a wild time and stir chaos into any crowd!

When BTRtoday first experienced the force that is Dirty Fences, it was in an abandoned zoo in the Catskills for a music festival called Meltasia. When they played, the crowd immediately started bouncing together, causing a whirlwind of bodies being thrown around in the middle—beer was pouring down like rain and Dirty Fences provided the crowd with pure rawness to get down to.

Dirty Fences is comprised of Jack Daves (vocals/guitar), Max Roseglass (guitar), Max Comaskey (bass), and Max Hiersteiner (drums)—yes, three Maxs and a Jack. They’re a bunch of East Coast boys who truly know how to shred.

Musically, these guys are seriously dedicated to each other. They all met in high school while growing up in Boston. One day in woodshop class Hiersteiner sliced the tip of his finger off. While the blood was probably oozing out, Daves volunteered to escort him to the hospital. During that little adventure they talked about music and discovered their shared love for rebellious tunes—they’ve been playing music together ever since.

In fact, Daves tells BTRtoday that even their side projects are still with one another. “I’ve never played in another band in my life,” Daves confesses.

He raves about Comaskey and Hiersteiner’s side project, Metalleg. “It’s like catchy Beatle’s rock’n’roll, that’s like two minute songs and are very pure pure power pop—they’re the best, the harmony masters!” They’re all very supportive of each other’s musical endeavors.

When BTRtoday chatted with Daves he was currently in a van with the rest of his band mates headed to DC. Between dodging wild drivers on the road, one of which almost hit them, he was able to give the low-down on Dirty Fences.

“You know in Back To The Future where Marty McFly goes on stage and he picks up the guitar and does the Chuck Berry thing for the first time and all the girls go crazy and the guys freak out—we’re like that,” Daves says about their live sets.

They’re not currently planning on doing large tours any time soon since they were just on one for four straight months, but they’re definitely going to be playing around NYC and the East Coast here and there constantly. Daves also stated that they’re in need of a scenery change, so they plan on living in the West Coast for a bit and playing shows around there. “We’ve never lived anywhere else besides Boston or NYC, so we’re pretty excited to have a new base for a little while,” he explains. “But we’re no California band, don’t get it twisted–we’re East Coast boys!”

Daves also discloses that they’re working on a new album that’s planned on being released early next year—they’re constantly writing songs, even when they’re touring. “We do a lot of our writing on the road because we’re there most of the time,” he admits. “We spend a lot of time writing in bathrooms… just like straight up in the bathroom, we write bathroom songs!”

“It’s going to have everything,” he says about the album they’re currently working on. “Interludes and spoken parts, we want it to be a real fun, weird time for our fans.” He adds that the album is sure to keep their fast punker vibe, but it will also include some slow country ballades, Devo inspired tracks, and even an electronic rap song that Daves conveys he wants to sound “like an early hip-hop/dance kind of thing.”

They all grew up playing music with each other, so their talents matured together. Their practices have become quite efficient, Daves admits, they get right down to business. Since they’re on the road so often and writing songs in bathrooms, many of their practices end up being their shows. Daves explains that they try out new material often at shows. When they do get a chance to have a practice, it’s usually in their Brooklyn basement and their favorite thing to do at practices is to work on their vocal harmonies.

Touring can be exhausting for anyone, but these fellas make it look not only easy, but perfectly natural.

Daves shares a story of when they toured with the band Dinos Boys. Apparently, lead singer Chase Tail, clearly a good friend of Dirty Fences, is quite the character. Daves describes a time when they were stopping at a fast food drive thru and Tails hops out of the car, into the drive thru window, makes himself a soda, and then hops back out into the car, with the fast food employees just standing their in awe with confusion on their faces. “Shout out to Chase Tail of Dinos Boys, I love you! He’s always keeping things really really fun,” he adds.

When BTRtoday asked Daves about the meaning behind the name Dirty Fences, he couldn’t remember. “You’ll have to ask 16-year-old me,” he laughs. The name was first created back in 2006 when the boys were just beginning to find their sound. “I’m sure it had some silly/ nasty kind of meaning towards it, but we can’t remember—you’ll have to ask someone else, or ask yourself I guess,” he concludes.

Though the name Dirty Fences has been solidified for about 10 years now, they don’t feel like things were really serious for them until about four or five years ago.

They’re going to be releasing multiple 7’’ soon, so keep an eye out for that, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all their rowdiness!