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Faulkner is a bi-coastal band making some serious waves with their dark undertones, melodic vocals, and heavy passion-fueled beats.

Brought together by front man Lucas Asher (vocals/guitar), Eric Scullin (multi-instrumentalist), Dimitri Farougias (bass), and Christian Hogan (drums), their sound is so unique that it’s putting an end to this whole “genre” thing; Faulkner has a place for every kind of music fan.

They’ve worked with producers such as Mark Needham (The Killers), JP Bowersock (The Strokes), and RZA (Wu-Tang Clan). With the help of such groundbreaking producers, the combination of talented musicians, and then the passionate songwriting of Asher, their music has some hip-hop, some indie, some punk, some pop–literally the list could go on forever.

“I bring the punk side and my partner [Scullin], who does a lot of the co-production with RZA, he brings more of the pop world,” Asher tells BTRtoday about Faulkner’s creative process. The songwriter expresses unending gratefulness for the people he works with. He grew up in an orphanage in Oklahoma and ran away when he was only a teenager and ended up spending most of his adolescent years on the streets of NYC. Coming from that, to working with one of his idols, RZA, and having such great chemistry with his band, he’s really living life on cloud nine.

“I used to listen to RZA when I was like 16-years-old on a Dumbo park bench while I was sleeping—-Wu-Tang Clan were my heroes,” Asher says with audible excitement in his voice. “He kind of scooped us up and discovered us. That was an incredible experience, he’s this phenomenal musician, MC and producer!”

The entire EP has a feel of retribution; Asher expresses that it was heavily influenced by his life on the streets and working his way up to stability.

Asher reached out to RZA himself when he started to feel more comfortable in his music-making career. When RZA heard their sound he not only suggested they come to record in Rick Rubin’s studio (Def Jam), but he also helped produce them—he even co-wrote the track “NY Anthem” with Asher and MC’d on it.

Asher sounded very laid-back when recounting his life tale, but modesty must have been getting the best of him because he has lived, what most would consider, a wild life.

“I was in NYC by myself at 15-years-old living on the streets, so it gave me a really tough attitude and really influenced my song writing for sure,” Asher recounts. He adds that eventually, after getting somewhat frustrated with the NYC music scene, he decided to move to the west coast with the determination and intent of forming a band, when he found his current band mates he describes it as magical. “It was kind of like we were all searching for each other while playing in other bands, and then when we all got together the chemistry was just undeniable. “

The story behind the band’s name he casually slipped into the conversation and had to be stopped so he could tell the tale. He took a year off and traveled to 40 different countries. This saga, he admits, as great influence on his style and songwriting, with many different experiences weaved into one year. The name “Faulkner” has nothing to do with the renowned American author William Faulkner. In fact, a random shaman Asher encountered during his travels gave the name to him.

“It literally was just given to me by a shaman who was probably on mushrooms… When I heard it I was just like, ‘ok, cool. Whatever you say, dude,’ and he was like, ‘yeah, name your band Faulkner and it will be successful,’” he describes. “So, yeah, we’ll see how that goes. [Laughs].”

This past March, Faulkner released their debut EP “Revanchist.” The entire EP has a feel of retribution; Asher expresses that it was heavily influenced by his life on the streets and working his way up to stability. Tracks like “Revolutionary,” “Keep Your Enemies Closer,” and “Waters Are Rising” definitely give you that feeling of vengefulness, instigating the listener to start a revolution within yourself.

The track “All I Wear Is Black,” though still carries that revenge theme, is portrayed with a slower approach and gives a more personal feel—making it easily relatable and even rather uplifting, especially if all you wear is black. “That song I think turns the corner from a lot of the vengeful material and is more aspirational,” Asher admits. “When we drop the album later on in the year it’s going to continue with that aspirational theme.”

Faulkner tends to keep all of their projects on a parallel track. With this EP going from vengeful to hopeful, and the full-length following in that direction, Asher acknowledges that their music videos are also all going to be coherent with each other.

Their video for the song “Revolutionary,” which was shot in Vietnam and directed by Asher himself, is just the first link in a chain of music videos that are going to portray this alternative world that Faulkner exists in. “There’s a story behind it and there’s going to be a visual component that compliments it [the EP],” Asher says, stating that he intends for his music to all eventually come with a visual component.

Traveling seems to also be a theme in Asher’s life. He admits that Mexico is one of his favorite places to travel too. He has a travel ritual of leaving all his clothes behind and filling his suitcase with grade-A Mexican tequila to bring back with him to the states. Faulkner’s live shows include lots of tequila shots, both on stage and shared with the audience.

Catch them on tour now—and make sure to follow them on all their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website) to stay up-to-date on the release of their full-length album and whatever other amazing spectacles they’re cooking up!