Jeff The Brotherhood

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Jake and Jamin Orrall have been playing music together since the early days of infancy. They’ve grown from a toy drum set and cardboard cutout bass guitar to shredding it up on stage and creating tunes that’ll rock your world!

The band’s buzzword is definitely, “absurdity”—they love to follow that path, constantly attempting to push the boundaries and knock everyone’s socks off. Their sound has been influenced from the nonsensical lyrics of Beck to the catchy melodies of The Ramones. They’re greatly influenced by punk, but they don’t let that box them in.

Since they’ve been playing together their entire lives, there are a lot of albums to sift through, and each one sounds pretty different from the last.

“We kind of keep bouncing around—whatever just feels right at the moment,” Jake Orrall tells BTRtoday. He admits that, overall, their sound has evolved since their talents as musicians has matured.

Obviously, those first few attempts at songwriting as kids were not the most successful. “I didn’t know how to play guitar, so I would just strum the strings open, and Jamin would play a beat and I had some sort of weird rap I’d do,” Jake confesses. “We were just spitting out really hilarious nonsense.”

The hilarious-nonsense theme flows proudly through the entire life of Jeff The Brotherhood. Jake explains that at first the band was simply named “Jeff,” because they liked the ridiculousness of naming it some basic human name. “We were like, ‘let’s name it something absurd and silly—let’s name the band like a human name.’” They changed it to Jeff The Brotherhood after the internet blew up and they needed to be more easily searchable.

Their most recent release, “Zone,” is a 12-track album that includes songs about being all kinds of fucked up: drunk, stoned, confused, heartbroken, or in love—all the things to perfectly concoct a sound with dark baselines, hard hitting drum solos, eerily cool vocals, and head-banging guitar riffs.

Jake admits that they went back to the basics for this release. “We kind of went back to all our old methods from like 2009/2010,” he explains. “We both stand in a room and discuss things and then it kind of goes from there—the last couple of records were more written just in my room and then I’d take them and jam and I would flesh them out in the practice space, but this [Zone] was much more collaborative.”

JEFFTHEBROTHERHOOD_ZONEArtwork courtesy of the band.

Jeff The Brotherhood’s previous album, “Wasted On The Dream” (2015), is still very heavily punk influenced, but with a totally different vibe. Tracks like “Black Cherry Pie” or “Coat Check Girl” not only include far more melodic vocals and catchy tunes, but they also give off more of a pop punk-influenced tone; “Black Cherry Pie” even has a flute solo!

“Zone” is definitely more back-to-the-basics garage punk and seems to really hit home to the original Jeff The Brotherhood.

When we spoke to Jake he was prepping for a yard sale they were going to have the next day for Infinity Cat Records—they’re very own record company.

“We were in high school, Jamin was probably in 8th grade and I was in 10th, and we made our first recordings in the living room of our parent’s house,” Jake describes about the conception of Infinity Cat—having spent their teen years in the Nashville punk scene, they held high hopes in releasing their own music. “We were like, ‘fuck yeah—these kids are putting out seven inches and touring and stuff, we should put an album out,’ but there were no labels in Nashville that we new of… so we started one!”

Infinity Cat Records, obviously also based in Nashville, includes bands like Diarrhea Planet, Faux Ferocious, Guerilla Toss, and Natural Child—all known for putting on some wild live shows and seriously stirring up a crowd.

The name for the record company came from a doodle that Jake used to draw on his high school exams. “I was in this weird phase where I was just drawing these little cats and these little naked men and little infinity symbols on top of their heads, and they’d talk about metaphysics and stuff,” he says. “I’m still kind of in that absurdist/trying to push the envelope [phase].”

Though the brand carries all these raw and exciting bands, many of which are constantly touring, Jake admits that it hasn’t really changed since it started when they were in high school—which, in our opinion, makes it a true-blue punk rock outlet. “We’re still just making small amounts of products… It’s pretty much the same; we just make more of these products that don’t turn a profit [laughs].”

Jeff The Brotherhood took a month long break after the release of “Zone” before deciding to tour. “I don’t know why everyone also tours right when their record comes out,” Jake conveys. “Things don’t really start heating up until like a month later.” During their month break they were able to recuperate, and are now starting up their tour—their kickoff show was on September 10th at Nashville Cream’s 10th Anniversary Party.

They’ll be arriving to NYC on September 27th to rock the Market Hotel.

Jake woefully reminisces about playing Death By Audio (DBA), a legendary DIY venue located by the waterfront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, before it sadly had to shut it’s doors in 2014 (R.I.P.). Though the end of DBA was heartbreaking for all us music lovers here in the underground world of NYC, Jake admits that Market Hotel is the next best thing.

Make sure to follow Jeff The Brotherhood on all their social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website) to stay in the loop on where they’re headed next—and make sure to check out “Zone”—we promise you won’t regret it!