Big Big Love

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Big Big Love is based in the Federal District of Mexico. Their killer tunes can possess any listener and transport them back to a time when post-punk and synth thrived.

You can’t just label Big Big Love as any old music genre—they transcend all of that that. Their vibe creates an image of love and struggle within the beats of their tracks and fever-dream inducing vocals.

Their newest LP “Friendship” was released just this year on La Roma Records. It’s remnant of some real synth rock classics, such as Gang of Four, Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, and even Animal Collective. Their track “Eurydice” opens with an eerie synth intro, adds a punk rock drum solo half way through, and ends strong with Santiago’s dreamy vocals sneaking into your wandering mind.

The band is comprised of Santiago Mijares (vocals/guitar/synth), Marco Carrion (guitar/ synth), Patricio Mijares (bass), and Gerardo Beltran (drums).

Santiago tells BTRtoday that the “Friendship” LP is really their baby. It’s not only comprised of songs the group has had under their belt from years before, but it also encompasses more recent works. Santiago admits that they wanted the album to resemble their strong bond of friendship they share with each other as family and old friends, and convey to the listeners that friendship is one of the most important things to have in your life.

Originally, the band wanted to be called “Friendship” but the name was already taken. They ultimately landed on Big Big Love while listening to one of their longtime favorite bands, The Pixies. In the song “Gigantic” the chorus “a big, big, love” shined out to them.

“When we heard that song and we heard the name we thought, ‘Oh, yeah! Let’s name our band that,’” Santiago explains. “At first it was a joke, but then it stuck and we liked it.”

Santiago and bass player Patricio are brothers, so their musical destinies began at birth. For Gerardo and Marco, though they aren’t blood related, they’re still just as close. Gerardo and Patricio have been inseparable friends since the age of four. As for Marco, Santiago admits that he actually did not really click immediately with him.

Santiago tells BTRtoday that the two were acquaintances in high school, but never quite got along. However, the rock and roll gods had different plans for them. “Once, at a party, we started talking about music and the things we like and I saw that we liked similar things,” Santiago confesses. “So, we started a project to make music for a film…it was then that I realized that he and I had very good music chemistry.”

He elaborates on the musical connection the band shares. Big Big Love is more like a family than a band, Santiago conveys. They all seem to share similar love for bands such as The Pixies, Beach House, and David Bowie. The shared love for such artists has given the creative process an air of ease and fluidity.

Friendship was produced, mixed, and recorded all by the band themselves—in their houses, or in nature right outside Mexico City. They used all the money they saved by doing the bulk of the work on their own to spend on a grade A master job.

They decided to contact Greg Calibi for the project. Santiago says that the band admired him for his past work with such amazing artists as Beach House, The Talking Heads, Yo La Tengo, John Lennon, and David Bowie.

“There are like 100 bands we love that he has worked with, so we talked to him, he listened to the album, and he did it—he did like six months of work in one day,” Santiago describes. “He’s a really cool guy! He works in a studio called Sterling Sound in the Chelsea market.”

The album turned out beautifully, and all of Big Big Love is very proud of it. “We put so much effort and love into it that when we saw it out we couldn’t believe it,” Santiago adds. He explains that their music seems to just ooze out of them like it was meant to be—some days are, of course, easier than others. Some days they don’t seem to have the most affective chemistry together in rehearsal, but once they’re able to get their minds on the same wavelengths, they came come up with entire songs in minutes.

“There are days that we don’t have a good chemistry or we’re not having a good day and it reflects on the rehearsal,” Santiago admits, “but there are other times that it’s just pure magic.”

Since all four were born and raised in Mexico, their first language is Spanish, however they choose to sing all their lyrics in English. “Since we were little all the music we heard was in English, all the bands that we grew up with and influenced us were sang in English,” he says. “I know there are really cool bands from Mexico and all the world that sings in Spanish, but for us it was just very natural to start singing in English.”

Currently, Big Big Love is focusing on the life of their LP “Friendship.” Their goal is to play as many shows as possible, make their way to the U.S. to play all over, and then head back to writing around this December. They already have shows booked along the west coast for this November, and are working on making their way to the east coast to play NYC—which Santiago confesses is a city he has fallen in love with.

Make sure to follow them on all their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp) to see what they’re up to and where they’re headed to next! The band prides themselves on their live shows, and has a reputation for creating a lively atmosphere and a very energetic crowd.