Sleeping Beauties

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Sleeping Beauties is a Portland-based band (much to their lament) that rocks harder than any band you’ll ever find today. Their music is hard-hitting with throaty howls and guitar riffs that make you want to say, “fuck you!” and bang your head!

Comprised of Hart Gledhill (vocals), Rob Enbom (guitar), Rod Meyer (guitar), Neil Everett (bass), and Chris Biggs (drums)—these punkers are no newcomers to the scene. They’ve contributed to their fare share of different music projects that are commonly described as under-appreciated by the punk rock world of Portland, bands such as The Hunches, Eat Skull, and The Hospitals.

Sleeping Beauties are lyrically the epitome of a pissed-off punk rocker. They make sure the listener knows what they hate, what annoys them, and what they’re fed up with, but not in a whiney way that makes you want to punch yourself in the face. Sleeping Beauties know how to control their inner anger and express it with passion and melodies that make each song unique, cool, and sure to stir up some chaos.

This year they released their self-titled album on In The Red Records. Tracks like “Meth” and “Slumber P2” take you on rock’n’roll drug-infused rants, with fast drums and collective guttural yells that really expose their hardcore punk side. Then there are tracks like “Drugs” and “Glue Merch” that have drug-related names, but tone things down a notch and shows a softer side to their sound and style.

Hart describes their songs as joyful. “They all make me really happy and they all make our fans happy,” he confesses. “So the happiness is going all around.”

Recently, they released a music video via Vice’s Noisey for the track “Wheeler.” It seems to take you on an acid fueled trip that could go south for some or be a blast for others. It includes flashing colors in the sky, joint eating giants, and suicidal masturbators. It’s a little confusing on exactly what the song is actually about. Lines like, “drinking blood from a monkey’s skull,” or “wondering why he can’t donate his poncho to the WWF,” make the narrative of the track somewhat difficult to comprehend. However, it really doesn’t need any explanation—it’s badass and can induce the time of your life!

Hart describes the live shows of Sleeping Beauties as a “poor-man’s Grateful Dead.” Though their sound is much more old school punk influenced, they make sure to have the tunes their audience can sway slowly along to, while also provided beats to shout and jump around to.

“I finally realized that The Velvet Underground is a poor man’s Grateful Dead,” he states. “That realization for me opened up a lot of my nerve receptors.”

If you’re an easily intimidated person, then the fellas of Sleeping Beauties might not rub you the right way at first. When BTRtoday spoke with front man Hart, he wasn’t afraid to share his views on the city of Portland, the tourists who visit, the current music scene happening there, and its most beloved pastry establishment, Voodoo Donuts.

“Unfortunately, we are based in the home of Voodoo Donuts and condos and a city where people will continue to stand in line, tourists, after little kids are shot across the street,” Hart says about his hometown, Portland. “Musically it’s pretty piss poor—as far as I know, there are only two good bands; there is The Lavender Flu, and there is Long Knife, and that’s it.”

Before hanging up the phone with Hart, he made sure to advertise Portland’s best McDonalds, run by one Doug Whacker, located on Broadway, and give a big shout out to his mom and sister.

The members of Sleeping Beauties go way back together. Hart tells BTRtoday that they all met during a pie-tossing contest. “We’re all clowns and we all enjoy whipped cream as well,” he describes. “Some people prefer the end of it with whip-its, but we are more into the actual whipped cream to the face.”

With Hart it’s difficult to tell when he’s messing around with you or telling the truth—nonetheless, it’s a fun story of introductions. In fact, he conveys that a pie-tossing contest is a great way for anyone to make friends. “More people should try it—it breaks down barriers,” he adds.

Hart grew up playing music. His father, who recently passed, was a poet and a diehard Johnny Cash fan. Hart confesses that his dad used to sing Cash songs to him and his mother, adding that he ended up being a great influence on his musical career. “He used to yell at me a lot, so he taught me how to yell and write,” he explains.

Currently, Sleeping Beauties are working on new music. Hart admits that his current focus on music writing is due to a foiled plan to sue Doritos after finding a Band-Aid in his bag. He thought he had a solid case going, until his friend admitted to him that he put the Band-Aid into his bag of chips. “I could never pass a polygraph now,” he says defeated. “So he ruined everything for me…Now we have to start playing music and doing stuff, because I can’t retire off that Dorito money anymore.”

The future music of Sleeping Beauties is sure to stay true to their bizarre, wild, and creepy style that makes their tunes so addicting to listen to.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook and through In The Red Records to see what their cooking up next and to catch all the wildness live! If you’re ever in Portland, make sure to check them out and then maybe stop by Doug Whacker’s place for some burgers and fries!