Celebrating Mother's Day in The Age of Social Media - Mother's Week on BTR


photo from WikiMedia Commons

Have you noticed that your friends are looking a bit older in their Facebook profile pictures this week? Just a hint… it’s not because of that spam for the fake application that shows you what you’ll look like in 40 years. No, it’s due to the modern version of the chain letter  which took Facebook by storm. This week, our ‘friends’ (and friends of friends) began changing their main profile photos in droves. The pleasant face they replaced their own mug with was that of their mother.

This little ode to moms has been accompanied by sayings, memories, poems, and more. In an age where having just the right profile photo is of the utmost importance, something as selfless as removing that perfectly lit self-portrait taken with your iPhone, and giving that space to your mom’s beautiful face for a few days, can be more touching than a bouquet of roses. It’s something thoughtful that can be done by children that are far away from their mom or college students who don’t have the funds for a nice gift. In fact, it seems that in 2011, more than ever, social media is taking over this Mother’s Day.

Tweeters have caught the Mother’s Day social media bug as well. For the past few days on Twitter, one of the top trending topics has been #mamasays. This tag proceeds or follows inspirational words of wisdom bestowed upon the tweetie by their mother. Just after midnight on this Sunday #HappyMothersDay became one of the top trends (as well as MILFs… but we’ll leave that one alone).

How about YouTube? You better believe people are coming out in mass quantities posting funny videos, tributes, and more- all dedicated to their moms on this day. Just do a search on YouTube for the most recently posted videos tagged with “Mother’s Day”. They may only have a few hits but a lot of these videos aren’t meant to become overnight sensations, they are posted for only one special person to see.

Even fans of the iPhone and iPad can get involved because this year their are plenty of applications designed specifically for dear ol’ mom. While doing a search for applications fitting for your hip-mother, check out Debbie Turner at Onlinesocialmedia.net’s article on the topic. There are great suggestions, like the “Mom’s App” which sells for just $1.99 ,  and if you still can’t figure out the prefect gift for mom this mother’s day you can buy yourself the “Great Ideas to Surprise Your Mom App” for just $1.99, as well.

If broadcasting your love for your mother across the Internet isn’t really your thing, you can also go the more personalized route. Tons of online greeting card sites offer free eCards specifically for the last minute Mother’s Day ‘shopper’. If your mother is a fan of American Idol  (a topic we discussed earlier in the week here for Mother’s Week on BTR) and you don’t mind splurging, for $2.99 you can send a personalized eCard from your mom’s favorite contestant.

What? You still don’t believe that social media and the Internet have taken over Mother’s Day? Maybe you’re right. I guess the traditional flowers or dinner will do just fine. I hear they have some great deals. Just check out the advertisements on the right hand side of your Facebook page or hit up the Groupon app on your iPhone.